Edge Olympic

EDGE Olympic

EDGE Olympic, the much-talked-about building in Zuid with a Platinum score on the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), is leading a new generation of buildings for a new generation of workers – the famous millennials.

EDGE Olympic
EDGE Olympic; a new, smart, sustainable and state-of-the-art building at the Zuidas in Amsterdam
WELL Building Standard™ (WELL)

WELL Building Standard™ (WELL)


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A new generation of buildings to attract talent

EDGE Olympic, the much-talked-about building in Zuid with a Platinum score on the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), is leading a new generation of buildings for a new generation of workers – the famous millennials. They largely favour freedom and autonomy over the draw of full-time roles at consultancies and investment banks.

To counter that temptation, big companies are bending themselves out of shape to behave like smaller enterprises. They are encouraging individual teams to make more decisions on the ground. Agile management is all the rage. Head offices are either disappearing altogether or morphing into shared workspaces. This new phenomenal building from Edge Technologies reflects this trend and will be the perfect place for millennials to accelerate.

Mapiq Edge Olympic
Co-working zone. Theme based areas shared by all subtenants and users in the building with special features for inspiration, relaxation and collaboration.

The numbers

The quest to attract talent is at an all-time high. With unemployment rates hovering below 4%, the competition is tough and employers are finding they need to get creative to hire the best of the best.

  • High performers are 400% more productive than average ones
  • The average cost to hire an employee is €4,129 and it takes around 42 days to fill a position
  • Talent shortage generates losses of €320,000 million in revenue.
EDGE Olympic
EDGE Technologies aims to increase the health, engagement and productivity of every user in our building, helping our subtenants to excel. Picture: Ossip van Duivenbode

How does Mapiq enhance the engagement of millennials?

So, what are employees looking for when it comes to employment? Salary is certainly a driver, but many of today’s workers aren’t motivated solely by money. They want flexibility, a good corporate culture, a job with a purpose and a great office that inspires and supports. EDGE Olympic does just that.

When you enter EDGE Olympic on the south entrance, it looks like you have ended up in a co-working space. There are comfortable corners where you can consult, lots of plants and a barista preparing delicious coffee drinks! The building has been designed so that smaller teams or companies can easily come into contact with one another. The atrium is a dynamic space where surprising, inspiring encounters take place every day.

Mapiq Edge Olympic
Edge's welcome screen in the Mapiq interface

Mapiq’s features fit millennials

It’s no secret that EDGE Olympic embraces technology. The thing we love about this building, though, is the way it’s presented. Big touchscreens welcome you at the entrance, there are displays next to every meeting room, and the yoga class schedule is posted in the atrium. Technology is part of the interface of the building.

Mapiq is ushering in the employee-centric workplace through the following features:

Workplace availability – the new generation loves the autonomy of a wide selection of options, but they hate choosing. That is why Mapiq integrated a feature in the EDGE Olympic system that shows the perfect workspace fit for every type of activity. When a favourite room isn’t available, Mapiq offers suggestions that meet the same needs.

Room booking – We all know that millennials love to spend their time efficiently. They want a quick and easy overview of the available workplaces so no time is wasted looking for one. The new generation’s workflow is ad hoc; room booking should be, too. Last minute room booking is essential for offices that plan on winning the War for Talent.

People – The people at the office play a big part in winning the War for Talent, on either a social or professional level. EDGE Olympic is a multitenant building, and one of their goals is to create a community feeling. The new generation is focused on self-development on a professional and social level. Networking with other professionals and working together with colleagues are a lot easier in a system that makes it easier to find them.

Control - Winning the War for Talent means adjusting to the digital age. Technology is the norm for people who came of age with computers. That’s why EDGE Olympic was designed with features to control the office with your phone. Not only can you find available workspaces and colleagues, but Vecos lockers are also accessible through Mapiq. You can even unlock them with your phone!

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