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Mapiq makes simple, smart, and social tools that help you get the most out of your office.

Create the best employee experience

Get data and insights into building usage—so you can make better decisions about your facilities, cost reduction strategies, and flex work policies.

Easily update how many people are allowed in each area of your building. And manage how many people can be in the space on any given day.

Use the data you gather to make educated decisions about changing the office space. And give employees the freedom to choose when and where they work in the building.

Understand trends in how employees use the space—so you can make better choices about how to adapt the office.

Smart. Social. Flexible.

Connect with your colleagues in just a few clicks. Book meeting rooms in an instant. See where there’s a space free for work—you’ll never feel lost in your office building again.

Colleagues can connect with each other in the Mapiq app. When they do, they’ll be able to see when the other person plans to be in the office. Easy team scheduling, without any of the hassle.

Let your team’s creative juices flow. When an idea strikes, they’ll be able to find a meeting room that meets their needs right now.

Employees can book desks or meeting rooms in just a few clicks. So they can choose where they work best in the building.

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Take your workplace to the next level

 Make it easy for employees to do their work. 

Build efficient, elegant, and flexible workspaces.

Use data as the backbone for future office alterations.

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