A simple tool for a smarter workday

Mapiq provides smart, custom suggestions that streamline workdays and give organizations the power to manage and improve their facilities.

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What is Mapiq?

Everything you need for a meaningful day at work.

Hybrid working is here to stay, but businesses worldwide feel like they've sacrificed connection for convenience. At Mapiq, we believe you can have both: our solutions connect people more deeply to their workspaces and to each other.

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Use cases

Mapiq equips your office for any challenge

Hybrid working has brought new solutions—and new problems: a lack of connection, a weakened sense of community, and a hesitancy to make changes without the information to support them. But Mapiq has the data-driven expertise needed to accommodate any variety of initiatives.

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Mapiq has benefits for every team

We know that every team can benefit from a more streamlined workday, and we’re here to support all aspects of your organization.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.

Trusted by companies leading in sustainability

“One of our priorities was to support employees in the transition to a new way of working. Mapiq has proven to be truly valuable in helping our people embrace smart technology in their daily office lives.”
Mapiq team member
Nick van der Kloor
HR Site Manager


Employees at Danone used Mapiq within the first three months, as we worked with them to create a space that would promote wellness and support their workers. With Mapiq's technology, Danone was able to create a cost-effective, flexible workplace where talent thrives.
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