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Our cloud-based office platform activates the true potential of your employees and helps optimise your workplace.

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Mapiq has transformed the offices of:

Deloitte AkzoNobel
TU Delft Unilever ISS

Make activity-based working... work

With Mapiq, employees gain control over their environment and can easily find desks, colleagues, and meeting rooms. As the backbone of your smart office, our platform seamlessly integrates facility systems to create a dynamic workplace for all to thrive in.

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Optimise your office with data-driven decisions

Be certain about change. Our cloud-based office platform integrates all of your building’s data — e.g. occupancy, activity — in a single dashboard. This way you can make decisions that not only save costs, but also improve the workplace.

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Make your smart office stand out

Create an environment where people actually want to work, and make your smart office stand out. With this level of optimisation, you will not only attract top talent; you create the conditions for a sustainable building needed to meet BREEAM and WELL standards.

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