We build great places to work

We envision a world where the workplace makes employees feel well, and perform great. When you give your people autonomy and make them feel like they belong, you’ll see outstanding results.

"If you wish to get the best out of your people, build a workplace for well-being. We’re here to give responsible leaders the tools to do just that."
Sander Schutte, CEO at Mapiq
Sander Schutte
CEO Mapiq

The first smart
office in the world

Deloitte was our first customer. Together we built The Edge—one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world. So innovative that The Edge received the highest BREEAM score ever recorded.

Deloitte's office building
The Edge office birdsview
The Edge

Our people

We are technologists. Strategists. Creative problem-solvers. All on a mission to solve problems in office spaces before you even notice you have them. We spend every day building simple, smart, and social tools that radically transform the way our customers interact with their offices.

"Working at Mapiq means adapting quickly, growing as a team, and getting things done. I love being part of our international sales team."

Rowan de Bruin
de Bruin
Smart Office Advisor UK, Ireland and Global
Mihaela Andries
Inbound Sales Representative
Wendy Bakker
Product Designer
Simone van Oosterhout
van Oosterhout
Legal Counsel
Ravi Budhrani
Software Developer
Bram Durieux
Data Scientist
Rauf Akdemir
Data Scientist

Life at Mapiq

We are proud to call our office in Delft our home. But we’re also proud of our employee’s home offices. Like the rest of the world, we’ve adapted to the virus. But we’ve made sure that life at Mapiq is better than ever before.

A group photo of our team
Our office
Molengraaffsingel 10
2629 JD Delft
The Netherlands
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