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Return to the office

Monitor and transform your workspaces

In the age of hybrid working, it can be difficult to attract workers back to the office. With Mapiq, facility managers can optimize spaces, control capacity, and see how workplaces are used in real-time. Transform your offices into places employees actually want to be.

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of workers prefer hybrid working

People value hybrid working because it gives them the autonomy to work how and where they want. In an age where organizations are struggling to return workers to the office, facility managers can take these learnings and create areas that give workers a sense of freedom, while meeting their hybrid needs.

We envision our offices as highly collaborative and autonomous workspaces with ample room for social activities, Mapiq makes it easy to realize this.
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Harness data

Custom analytics and smart suggestions

Take the guesswork out of your hybrid working strategy. Facility managers need tools to accurately and easily collect data about how their spaces are used. Mapiq not only presents these analytics but also offers automatic smart suggestions to help organizations make effective, data-driven changes.


of workers avoid the office due to a lack of suitable work areas

Data can be key in understanding employees' relationships with their offices. Where do employees like to work in the office? Who do they interact with on a daily basis? What types of meeting rooms best suit their needs? All of these questions, and more, can be answered by collecting smart, people-centric data.

Reduce costs

Improve services while lowering costs

Among the daily struggles of managing an office and improving employee experiences, facility managers are often tasked with reducing space-related costs. Mapiq offers a range of cost-focused features to reduce utilities, streamline layouts, and create connected hybrid meetings.

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lower occupancy costs

Studies have found that when flexible, hybrid workspaces are implemented, occupancy costs can drop by 10 to 40%. For facility managers, a well-managed, agile workspace can reduce a range of office-related costs. With Mapiq, create spaces that attract people back to the office, and ensure that your real estate is not going to waste.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.