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“The workplace should be more than a building. It should drive autonomy and belonging.”

Most of us will spend a third of our lives working. So making employees feel good should not be limited to the physical environment. Employees need to feel a sense of autonomy and belonging in the workplace. Organizations that make employee well-being a core value attract top talent and have more engaged teams.

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Annegreet Marée
Head of People at Mapiq

Encourage employee well-being

In 2021, we need to give people a good reason to come to the office. That reason should be a sense of belonging and autonomy they can’t find anywhere else. Simple, smart, and social tools help your teams do their best work and feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Give people
freedom of choice

Improve workplace satisfaction and empower people to perform at their best. Dynamic workplaces use innovative technology to fulfill every person’s needs in the building. Every single day.

Support flexibility
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Build a tight-knit team

Let employees find and connect with each other at the office. When you foster social connections, it’ll make people feel like a team.

Bring teams together
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Keep employees safe
Keep employees safe

Put the social back in social distance. Mapiq lets your employees plan shifts so they can safely come to the office whenever they want.

Reopen your office doors
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Engaged people make great employees

Healthier team

Employees with a high sense of belonging take 75% fewer sick days.

Earn ambassadors

Employees that work at companies where well-being is a core value are 89% more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

Increased performance

Employees with a strong sense of belonging report a 56% higher overall job performance.

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