Why Mapiq

Make your workplace ready for change

The success of your organization depends on your ability to create
a responsive work environment where your people can thrive.

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The numbers don’t lie

As the future of work continues to evolve, understanding and implementing workplace technology will be essential for maximizing employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

50% real estate cost reduction

Companies like Cisco achieved up to 50% cost savings in their real estate costs by implementing a hybrid work model. 

<48% of workplace managers use advanced analytics to make decisions 

Without leveraging this workplace intelligence, management might miss out on evolving workplace patterns and trends. 

$11,000 saved annually for each employee that embraces hybrid

The IWG's 2022 CFO study shows that a typical employer can save around $11,000 annually for every person who works remotely half the time. What's more, their employees are happier and healthier.

93% of employees believes workplace experience is lacking

New innovative ways to support and engage their employees are urgently needed, with 95% of employees feeling their organizations should prioritize improving the in-office experience

Three ways Mapiq creates an exceptional workplace experience.

Amazing UX that people love

Say goodbye to clunky and outdated office tools. Mapiq offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that aligns with today’s dynamic work styles. From web to mobile app, and even in Microsoft Teams, Mapiq ensures seamless experiences, aiding in perfect office day planning. 

The Magic of Mapiq AI

Our platform equips workplace teams with the agility to navigate the evolving needs of the modern work environment. With AI-powered smart suggestions, Mapiq helps you adapt the workplace effortlessly.

Built for constant improvement

In the ever-evolving world of work, adaptability is key. Mapiq bridges the gap between workplace management, experience, and optimization. It makes data-driven decisions seamless, ensuring your office environment and the employee experience are in perfect sync.

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Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

"The combination of convenience and data-driven insights makes Mapiq a valuable tool for enhancing workplace productivity and comfort"

A partner that delivers on all counts 

Tailored onboarding

Our dedicated team ensures your onboarding experience is unparalleled, offering guidance, hands-on training sessions, and continuous support.

Global reach with our partner network

Mapiq is the only platform that allows you to roll out at scale, fast, and reliably. Available via the Azure Marketplace, Cisco Spaces, and through global partners like NTT, and Wipro.

A decade of experience

We are the trusted partner for organizations like Microsoft, Heineken, and Booking.com. We have been present during every workplace transition - from traditional seating to hybrid working policies - and gained valuable insights into what works.