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Reliably manage each of your spaces

Quickly begin managing and improving your real estate holdings. Mapiq helps you to implement reliable working solutions at multiple locations with consistent, cost-effective results. Create custom 3D maps that can be managed, adjusted, and modified based on any changes you make.

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of executives expect to change their real estate strategy over the next year

At Mapiq, our experience, combined with data analytics, helps us understand which strategies will help organizations best manage their workplace. By analyzing data from multiple buildings and implementing consistent solutions across all your locations, real estate managers can use our features to future-proof their portfolios.

One of the reasons we chose Mapiq was their user-friendly and well-designed product for both management and employees.
Felix van Katwijk
Manager Corporate Real Estate
Company building
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Building optimization

Let workers return to an enhanced office

With hybrid working on the rise, getting workers back into the office can be challenging. With Mapiq, you can create effective, comfortable workspaces that give employees everything they need. And our app is designed to help people better manage and experience a great day at the office.


of employees are satisfied with the conditions of their office

Only about half of workers are happy with the basic office conditions like air quality and temperature. It's no wonder that workplace attendance continues to fall as people work from home. To boost attendance and improve your spaces, we provide live data that lets you monitor and evaluate the performances of these workspaces.

Cost reduction

Reduce expenses, boost sustainability

With a tool that tracks the way your workspaces are used, real estate managers can decide where and how spaces can be downsized. Mapiq's smart suggestions also provide custom strategies to help you achieve your sustainability goals: save on utilities like energy, water, waste, and more.

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occupancy rate was common pre-COVID

Even before the pandemic, occupancy rates at global offices remained relatively low. By understanding why, real estate managers can harness data to understand how to effectively reduce office space. Whether you need to close certain floors, rooms, or areas, Mapiq's analytics and map technology can help you manage these adjustments.


Integrate with your existing IT ecosystem

Thanks to our powerful API, Mapiq can be seamlessly connected to the hardwares and softwares you are already using. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday.