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Unilever HQ

Global consumer goods company, Unilever, renovated its US Headquarters to align with their workplace strategy focused on activity-based working. Following a successful collaborative process, the office is globally recognized as a workplace that contributes to employee productivity and well-being.


October 5, 2020


New York, US


Consumer goods

Company size:



Before the renovation, Unilever employees found the office experience to be impersonal, often struggling to find suitable workplaces to perform their daily activities. Unilever set out on a mission to significantly reduce its environmental impact through intelligent use of space and energy, while also prioritizing employees’ well-being. This meant transforming the uninspiring, old-fashioned office into a vibrant and inspiring workplace, free of fixed desks or cubicles.

Unilever and Mapiq
The office accommodates the 'purpose-driven' talent and workplace strategy of Unilever.

The Mapiq solution

In partnership with Edge Technologies, Mapiq developed renovation plans to redesign the 32,000 m2 space. This redesign consisted of creating an array of 'neighborhoods' and areas, tailored to fit the various workstyles of Unilever's employees.

Mapiq's single platform unified workplace management, experience, and optimization. It enabled dynamic space planning providing employees with real-time insights into space availability as well as opportunities for optimization through dashboards and reports. Today, the Unilever HQ workplace benefits from:

  • Ample dynamic space planning possibilities, with floor plans that can be easily adjusted based on the changing needs of teams.
  • Real-time insights from the data of 4,850 occupancy sensors helping employees locate the nearest available space to focus or collaborate.
  • A lower workplace cost per employee, thanks to insights from sensor data captured in easy-to-use dashboards and reports, showcasing opportunities for optimization.

"Mapiq makes it possible to find colleagues quickly. I now never have to worry about finding the right space to work."

Mick Jones

Project manager IT


Following the workplace redesign, the office is now recognized as one of the best workplaces in the New York City area. It perfectly reflects Unilever's ‘purpose-driven’ workplace strategy of collaboration and sustainability.

By introducing activity-based working and shared workspaces, Unilever significantly reduced both costs and CO2 emissions per employee, while simultaneously boosting team satisfaction.


of workers avoid the office due to a lack of suitable work areas

Data can be key in understanding employees' relationships with their offices. Where do employees like to work in the office? Who do they interact with on a daily basis? What types of meeting rooms best suit their needs? All of these questions, and more, can be answered by collecting smart, people-centric data.

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