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Be in full control of the workplace with Mapiq

Turn your office from a mandate into a magnet. With Mapiq, you manage, experience, and optimize the workplace in one platform.

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Achieve a perfect convergence between cost-efficiency and employee experience with Mapiq

Deploy your workplace strategy with a few clicks

Simplify flexible working with Mapiq. Apply booking policies, regulate office capacity, or assign neighborhoods – you are in control, and your teams have clarity.

Regulate office capacity on specific days of the week.

Set booking policies to individual desks, islands, or your whole building.

Assign neighborhoods to teams and improve collaboration.

Manage your office portfolio flexibly

Create an accurate digital layout of your offices and update them anytime using our drag-and-drop map editor.

Manage your entire office portfolio from one overview.

Add floors, neighborhoods, areas, meeting spaces, desks, and specify their facilities.

Provide a 3D map for employees and guests to navigate your workplace effortlessly.

Optimize your workplace with data that matters

Go beyond space management with insights that help you meet employee needs. Connect all your workplace data in one platform, powered by our API.

Get accurate occupancy insights by connecting sensors and monitoring their health in one platform.

Understand employee trends, patterns, and hybrid working preferences.

Automate office check-ins and get that directly into your reports.

Alkiviadis M, Enterprise (>1000 emp.)

Mapiq’s analytics provide valuable insights on space usage and behavior, enabling better optimization of resources

Bringing the world's best workplace strategies to life

All the features you need to be in control

Collaborate on strategy with Roles and Permissions

Add workplace team members with different levels of access and permissions, like admins, managers, and specialists.

Enrich your workplace analytics with Sensor Integrations

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Add sensors and commission them to a location directly in the Admin Portal.

Manage commuting by car with Parking Booking

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Create parking areas, manage access, and create purpose-specific zones such as electric charging stations or accessible parking spaces.

Create a seamless user experience in one app

Integrate lockers, catering, and visitor management tools into Mapiq through our API, allowing employees to request additional services seamlessly, all in one place.

Remove manual hassle with Automatic Check-in

Integrate with your access control system or Wi-Fi to enable employees to automatically check-in at the office.

Manage day-to-day operations with Bookings

Understand when employees are in the office and plan for your daily operations, such as catering or travel reimbursements.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, we offer a free trial with our Starter and Premium plan, allowing you to explore our services and experience the benefits firsthand before committing. Additionally, for businesses interested in our Enterprise plan, we offer a paid pilot program to showcase the platform's capabilities and tailor it to meet your specific needs. This way, you can make an informed decision about choosing the right plan for your organization.

How long does it take to implement Mapiq at my company?

After signing a contract, Mapiq can go live in your organization in under one week.

Do I need to install sensors for Mapiq to work?

Mapiq doesn't require any additional hardware components to work, but it can be easily integrated with a variety of sensors. Our solution allows you to maintain your office and monitor data without the need for trackers or sensors. If you are looking for a more comprehensive smart office experience, our solution team can support you in connecting existing hardware or installing compatible equipment in your offices.

What sensors does Mapiq integrate with?

Mapiq is partnering up with some of the best-in-class occupancy providers––Elsys, Pointgrab, Vergesense, Cisco Spaces––and has built off-the-shelf integrations ready to be set up without the need for development work. Any other occupancy provider can also be connected to your Mapiq environment through our API.

Does Mapiq have any ownership over my data?

Mapiq has no ownership over your data and never sells or shares your data. Data collected from your account is either owned by your organization or is owned by you. Please consult your company or organization if you have any questions about how your data is collected by using Mapiq.  

Is Mapiq an evolving product? Will we see new features often?

With a strong vision at our core, we continuously invest in our product and R&D to further improve our solutions. New features and improvements are released on a bi-weekly basis. Curious about the future of Mapiq? Ask our team about our roadmap!

Can Mapiq integrate with our existing tools? Does it have an API?

Yes, Mapiq's API can be integrated into your organization's existing roster of workplace management systems. For instance, you can harness the power of our API to reduce your administrative work with automated purchasing, scheduling, and work from home allowances.

Is there a fixed price per user?

Starter and Premium plans include 500 users. There is a volume benefit involved in every Mapiq plan: the more users you have, the less it costs. Get in touch with our experts for a tailored price estimation.

How does Mapiq ensure security and privacy?

We always prioritize the technical health of your organization and the security of your people. Mapiq is built for privacy and security by design. We work with existing authentication and SSO: accounting for privacy concerns in every stage of development through ongoing vulnerability testing.

How does Mapiq reduce costs?

The high costs of low occupancy rates and no-shows might surprise you. By building an efficient smart office, you can reduce building and operating costs while helping employees create more value for your business.

Can I see a demo of the solution?

We're always happy to present a free demo of our product. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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