Your people deserve a great place to work

Make strategic decisions with confidence. Synchronize cost efficiency and culture with Mapiq. 

Achieve ESG goals while reducing costs

The hybrid work era has left many organizations with excess real estate. Mapiq offers the insights and platform to optimize your real-estate portfolio, cut operational costs, reduce your CO2 footprint, and meet ESG targets.


With hybrid working here to stay, most organizations have up to 50% more real estate than needed.

Make fact-based decisions

Use accurate data to boost cost savings, efficiency, and strategic alignment. Mapiq's AI-powered insights and suggestions allow you to make fact-based decisions that improve and support your organization's bottom line and overall goals.

Consolidate your workplace tools

Create a frictionless workplace experience thanks to Mapiq's unified workplace experience platform. This consolidated solution fosters collaboration, streamlines processes, reduces costs, and integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft and Cisco tech stack.

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Enhance employee experience

Effective teams require an enhanced workplace experience. Leverage Mapiq to achieve employee engagement, productivity, and retention goals, further boosting your employer brand, business success, and profitability.

"Using Mapiq, Unilever significantly reduced both costs and CO2 emissions per employee, while simultaneously boosting team satisfaction."

Ready to transform your workplace?

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