Workplace management

Design workplaces where people want to be

No more office ghost towns or peak day chaos. With Mapiq, you create an office that promotes collaboration and inspires connection, while ensuring the space is a perfect fit.

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Bringing the world's best workplace strategies to life

Workplace management simplified

Apply your workplace policy at every level

Mapiq offers the flexibility to seamlessly implement and communicate your preferred workplace policy, whether it's activity-based working, desk booking, or a combination.

Customize your office maps with simple tools

Configure and update your office maps using our drag-and-drop editor. Create a digital workplace layout, connect room calendars and sensors, and go live with just a few clicks.

Adapt the workplace to changing needs

As work continues to evolve, the workplace needs to adapt as well. With Mapiq, you can allocate teams the appropriate amount of space, expand collaboration areas, schedule floor closures, and more from a single environment.

Manage your day-to-day operations

Manage your building's access within Mapiq. See who plans to come in and predict your office attendance — no need to waste food or energy on a quiet Monday.

"We envision our offices as highly collaborative and autonomous workspaces with ample room for social activities; Mapiq makes it easy to realize this."

Integrate with your technology stack. 

Our workplace experience platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as IoT sensors and communication tools, using Mapiq's API. Unite every aspect of your workspace for a more streamlined workday. 

Make your workplace ready to adapt

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