Increase in meeting room usage


Increase in work desk usage


Significant decreased effort in finding an ad-hoc meeting room

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ENGIE, a leading energy company, strives to create workplaces that prioritize employee well-being. Mapiq guides ENGIE in transforming their offices from traditional setups to activity-based working with a focus on collaboration.


January 1, 2021


Paris, FR


Electric utilities

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Originally, 65% of ENGIE employees had fixed desks, leaving more than 30% of people daily searching for a productive workspace. Employee feedback showed that many encountered difficulties when looking for available workspaces and ad-hoc meeting areas. The frustrations were mainly due to a lack of accessible insights, ambiguity about available spaces, and limited sharing culture.

The goal of the partnership with Mapiq was to optimize office space usage and sharing. The objectives included reducing the time and effort needed to find collaboration spaces and focus workspaces as well as simplifying meeting room bookings.


Mapiq installed sensors throughout the building transforming static floor plans into an interactive map. ENGIE employees can now see desk and meeting room availability in real-time, making it effortless to book workspaces anytime or have ad-hoc meetings.

Additionally, workplace leaders are empowered to make informed decisions thanks to an analytics dashboard that provides office occupancy insights, showing peak hours, and popular workspaces.

"We envision our offices as highly collaborative and autonomous workspaces with ample room for social activities, Mapiq makes it easy to realize this."

Simone van Tongeren

Teamlead new business factory

Our impact

Mapiq's implementation has resulted in:

  • Improved building satisfaction among employees.
  • A 36% increase in meeting room usage.
  • A 30% increase in desk usage.
  • A 39% decrease in the perceived effort to find an ad-hoc meeting space.


more likely to stay beyond three years

When employees have access to effective workplace technology, they are 85% more likely to stay in a role for longer than three years. By taking the steps today to integrate an easy-to-use working solution into your organization, you can give your colleagues the tools they need to help your organization succeed.

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