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Data insights
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Mapiq gives you the right insights into your team's needs and workplace performance. Take the guesswork off the equation and make confident decisions based on facts. 

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Optimizing your workplace to contribute to company goals

Put your workplace to work

Understand employee needs 

To improve the workplace experience, it is important to understand how employees interact within the office. Mapiq gathers and analyzes anonymous data from the user groups you specify and creates actionable insights.   

Right-size your real estate

Mapiq converges occupancy, reservation, and behavior data, giving a complete overview of your workplace in one platform. Using our advanced scenarios, like predicted occupancy rates, workplace leaders can confidently create a sustainable, cost-effective workplace. 

Increase portfolio performance

Mapiq is built with global enterprise organizations in mind. You have complete freedom to manage individual sites the way you want and learn how every workplace across your portfolio performs using benchmarks.

Do more with less

Use our reports to save costs on office supplies, cleaning schedules, and so much more. Connect Mapiq to your existing workplace tools through our API to discover new ways of optimizing.

"Using Mapiq, Unilever significantly reduced both costs and CO2 emissions per employee, while simultaneously boosting team satisfaction"

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