Make the office worth the commute

With Mapiq, employees enjoy the benefits of a digital workplace assistant that removes the hassles of organizing office days — freeing up valuable time to connect, collaborate, and succeed.  

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Create exceptional workplaces where your people thrive.

A digital workplace assistant for everyone

Help employees connect onsite

With flexible working schedules, coordinating office days with coworkers can be difficult. Mapiq lets employees know when their coworkers will be in the office and helps schedule intentional meetups to stay connected amidst busy times.

Inspire a productive work environment

Whether your teams visit the office to focus or collaborate with coworkers, Mapiq will suggest the best available workspaces and amenities for any occasion.

Tailored meeting room suggestions for effortless collaboration 

Meeting rooms are always in high demand, but in reality, they are underutilized. Mapiq suggests the perfect space based on in-person attendees and the intent of the meeting, making collaboration at the office a breeze and preventing unexpected no-shows. 

An all-in-one app for the perfect office day

With so many tools working in silos, employees may feel overwhelmed when planning their workdays. Mapiq offers everything employees need for an optimal office day, accessible through web, mobile, or Microsoft Teams. 

"Mapiq makes it possible to find available workplaces quickly and takes personal preferences into account. As a result, workdays become much more productive"

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