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“One of our priorities was to support employees in the transition to a new way of working. Mapiq has proven to be truly valuable in helping our people embrace smart technology in their daily office lives.”

Nick van der Kloor

HR Site Manager

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Facility management
Web/Mobile application
Self-Sign-Up or SSO
Capacity Management
Floorplan editor
Desk/Area booking
API Access
Not included
Meeting/Calendar integration
Not included
Meeting rooms customization
Not included
Embedded analytics
User Management
Historical data
Booked shifts & quota
Average peak usage
Booking trends
Retention metrics
Meeting analytics
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Employee app
Welcome message
Assigned access profiles
Invite colleagues to connect
Area & desk booking
Hybrid Meetings
Location mapping
Calendar integration
Not included
Meeting overview
Not included
Attendees location
Not included
Technical support
Assigned access profiles
Customer success team
Quarterly business review
Service Level Agreement
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Not included
Not included
Monthly Operations call
Not included
Not included
Custom solutions
Project Management
Not included
Not included
Solution architects
Not included
Not included
Annotation services
Not included
Not included
Custom API integration
Not included
Not included
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The last office management solution you’ll need

Employee app

Everything your team needs for a better workday: book desks, schedule meetings, and connect with your team, all at the touch of a button.


Make the most informed decisions for your company and employees with custom data analytics.


We combine unparalleled support with active customer success management to meet any and all of your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to install sensors for Mapiq to work?

Mapiq doesn't require any additional hardware components to work, but it can be easily integrated with a variety of sensors. Our solution allows you to maintain your office and monitor data without the need for trackers or sensors. If you are looking for a more comprehensive smart office experience, our solution team can support you in connecting existing hardware or installing compatible equipment in your offices.

How long does it take to implement Mapiq at my company?

After signing a contract, Mapiq can go live in your organization in under one week.

Can Mapiq integrate with our existing tools? Does it have an API?

Yes, Mapiq's API can be integrated into your organization's existing roster of workplace management systems. For instance, you can harness the power of our API to reduce your administrative work with automated purchasing, scheduling, and work from home allowances.

Is there a fixed price per user?

Starter and Premium plans include 500 users. There is a volume benefit involved in every Mapiq plan: the more users you have, the less it costs. Get in touch with our experts for a tailored price estimation.

Can I see a demo of the solution?

We're always happy to present a free demo of our product. Contact us to set up an appointment.

How does Mapiq ensure security and privacy?

We always prioritize the technical health of your organization and the security of your people. Mapiq works with existing authentication and SSO: accounting for privacy concerns in every stage of development through ongoing vulnerability testing.

How does Mapiq reduce costs?

The high costs of low occupancy rates and no-shows might surprise you. By building an efficient smart office, you can reduce building and operating costs while helping employees create more value for your business.