Workplace leaders

Right-size your office and create great experiences 

Mapiq is built to empower workplace teams. Make confident decisions backed by smart suggestions and tailored insights.  

Unify FM, CRE, and IT into a single cohesive workplace team

Foster holistic and efficient workplace management by consolidating Facility Management (FM), Corporate Real Estate (CRE), and Information Technology (IT) teams. Mapiq helps align communication, goals, and strategies for an agile and collaborative workplace.

Deliver world-class workplace experiences

A great workplace helps attract and retain talent while strengthening your employer's brand. Mapiq provides the tools and insights to create an unparalleled workplace experience that boosts employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

Optimize your workplace with data-driven insights

Mapiq analyzes space usage, employee preferences, and resource allocation, helping workplace teams optimize workplace experience and efficiency. Leverage our data trends and insights to uncover new opportunities to improve your strategy and drive business outcomes.

Focus on value-added work thanks to Mapiq's AI

Empower teams to focus on high-impact work, keeping your workplace agile and aligned with evolving organizational needs. Mapiq's AI functionalities help you identify patterns, predict trends, and make data-driven improvements to your workplace strategy.

"Mapiq allows us to take a deep dive into our workplace experience and will be a key element for our strategic decisions going forward"

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