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Creating a flexible workplace to enhance the employee experience

Creating a flexible workplace to enhance the employee experience


Certifications: Leed Gold & Well Gold


Sq ft digitized office space


Employees used Mapiq within the first 3 months

Amsterdam, NL
Food processing

About Customer

Danone emphasizes well-being and sustainability in all its pursuits. In their journey to create a future-proof workspace, they found a reliable partner in Mapiq. Danone's headquarters now serves as a hub for colleagues worldwide, kickstarting a broader partnership to shape workplace strategies across the Benelux region, as well as France, and Singapore.


Danone had a clear vision for a future-proof office promoting employee well-being. Their former office near Amsterdam Schiphol fell short of their evolving needs. With the company growing, it needed a larger, more flexible space that could support activity-based working.

Mapiq and Danone work together to create an ideal environment for activity-based working. © Sebastian van Damme, Stijn Poelstra, Dimitri Valentijn, and Michael van Oosten.

Multiple goals, one solution

Accommodating more people required effective workspace utilization. Key to Danone's activity-based working model was the sharing of facilities to allow for more people to use the spaces, to improve employee happiness, and to optimize the workplace strategy based on usage and feedback.

Boosting the employee experience

Danone's new office, filled with varied workspaces, greenery, and cozy nooks, invites employees to interact while inspiring creativity. Mapiq elevated Danone's employee experience further, promoting autonomy and efficient use of shared spaces. Employees can find available desks, locate colleagues, and book meeting rooms with ease.

Data behind each decision

Mapiq equips the Danone management team with actionable insights based on occupancy data, allowing them to reduce underutilized spaces and invest in areas actively used by employees. Danone can therefore anticipate changing needs and sustain a future-proof workplace strategy.

A perfect match

The fact that Mapiq’s functionalities could enable them to achieve their business goals was not the only thing Danone noticed. Sharing the same vision was one of the top reasons for Danone to shape a future-proof workplace strategy with Mapiq.

"One of our priorities was to support employees in transitioning to a new way of working. Mapiq has proven to be truly valuable in helping our people embrace technology in their daily office lives"

Former HR site manager

Nick van der Kloor

Our impact

Mapiq's partnership with Danone resulted in LEED Gold and WELL Gold certifications for sustainable and healthy workplaces. Together, the duo aims to shape the future of work by creating a more collaborative, connected work environment. The implementation of Mapiq's workplace experience platform has led to:

  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction among employees.
  • A future-proof office that reflects Danone's company culture.
  • Reduced time spent locating available workspaces and meeting rooms.
  • Lower CO2 footprint and workplace cost per employee.

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