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Certifications: 2

Leed Gold & Well Gold



Well-being and sustainability play a major role in everything Danone does. On their journey in creating a future-proof working concept, the visionary company found a great technology partner in Mapiq. Among the results of our collaboration were two globally recognized workplace certifications. A broader partnership arose in shaping workplace strategies at Danone Amsterdam, Paris, and Singapore.


September 20, 2021


Amsterdam, NL


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Danone shared its clear vision of working in a new and future-proof office that supports employee well-being. Their former office, located near Amsterdam Schiphol, didn’t match their goals. Employee needs were changing, and the workplace couldn’t live up to their expectations anymore. So, Danone decided to move their office, as the old office was going to be too small for the growing headcount soon. Danone didn’t just need a bigger workplace, but a flexible one.  

Mapiq and Danone work together to create an ideal environment for activity-based working. © Sebastian van Damme, Stijn Poelstra, Dimitri Valentijn, and Michael van Oosten.

Multiple goals, one solution

Welcoming more people meant effective use of the workspace. Danone emphasized the aim to support employees in the switch to activity-based working. This agile way of working gives people the freedom and flexibility to decide how and where the job should be done: brainstorming in meeting rooms, catching up in social areas, or focusing individually behind a desk.  

An important element of this so-called activity-based working is sharing facilities. For Danone, sharing facilities turned out to be the key to achieve multiple goals:  

  • Growing headcount and sustainability
    Effectively sharing facilities, meant they could welcome more people.  
  • Employee well-being
    Choosing their preferred workplace and controlling the environment made employees happier.
  • Future-proof strategy
    Agile working can easily be revised, especially when collecting workplace analytics.

The answer was clear. To realize a flexible workplace –in which talent could thrive and would be cost-efficient– Danone needed smart office technology.

Boosting the employee experience

Danone’s new office is now an admiring flagship office. Their varying workspace with plenty of green and cozy nooks make employees feel inspired and invite them to get social. The implementation of Mapiq, took their employee experience through the roof: boosting autonomy and belonging among employees while enabling efficient use of the workspace.  

With our smart office platform employees can book a shift in the office. Once arrived, they can instantly find available workspaces, locate colleagues, and book meeting rooms. In our interactive 3D map of Danone’s building, they can find an available smart locker. On top of that, employees can control the lights and temperature through their personal devices.

Employees at Danone use Mapiq to see which meetings or areas are free.

To ensure the best experience of our smart office platform, all of Danone’s workplaces are equipped with our desk sensors. Next to that, meeting rooms are covered by bGrid’s room sensors. By detecting movement, these sensors feed occupancy data into the user app. Employees can see real-time which workplaces or meeting rooms are available.

Data behind each decision

Besides the user app, management can evaluate their workplace strategy in our analytics portal. This environment shows how Danone's employees use the office. By analyzing occupancy insights, management can reduce underutilized office space and invest in areas their employees actively use. This way, Danone continuously anticipates changing needs and executes a truly future-proof workplace strategy.  

See how employees use the office space with office analytics
Danone can see how employees use the office space.

A match made in heaven

The fact that Mapiq’s functionalities could enable them to achieve their business goals was not the only thing Danone noticed. Sharing the same vision was one of the top reasons for Danone to shape a future-proof workplace strategy with Mapiq.

"One of our priorities was to support employees in the transition to a new way of working. Mapiq has proven to be truly valuable in helping our people embrace smart technology in their daily office lives."

Nick van der Kloor

Former HR site manager

Reopening the office after COVID-19

Danone recently started using Mapiq's Office Shifts. This functionality helps them safely guide people back to the office. While employees book days in the office that suit them best, management automatically manages a safe office capacity. Once the situation changes, Danone can easily adjust their office capacity. This functionality has been successfully rolled out to the French headquarters of Danone and the central Eastern Europe region.

Employees at Danone can easily book days in the office with Mapiq.

Our impact

We are proud to announce our partnership with Danone has been rewarded with the globally recognized LEED Gold certification and WELL Gold certification for sustainable and healthy workplaces. Together with Danone, we will focus on the shaping the future of work. Danone aims to create a more collaborative and connected work environment. The results of implementing our smart office platform are: 

  • An increase in employee productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • A future-proof office that matches the company culture of Danone.
  • Reduced time spent by employees in locating available workplaces and meeting rooms.
  • A responsible way to manage the office capacity.


of employees say their company supports their physical and mental health.

In contrast to what almost half of workers report, 80% of executives believe their company supports employees' health. This disconnect makes it difficult for both employees and organizations to reach their full potential. With a smart workday solution, companies can track their performance and ensure their strategies meet employee needs.

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