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Pioneering the sustainable workspaces of tomorrow

Pioneering the sustainable workspaces of tomorrow


Certificates: Leed Gold, Well Gold & Platinum


Sq ft digitized office space


Flexible workplaces

Amsterdam, NL
Real estate

About Customer

EDGE is a leading real-estate developer committed to a sustainable future. With 39% of all global CO2 emissions coming from the built environment, EDGE is fueled by the idea that buildings need to change. By combining the latest technology with purpose-driven designs, they create vibrant workspaces that are smarter and healthier for people and our planet.


For their new flagship office in Amsterdam, EDGE set out to establish a new benchmark for office development projects in global hubs like New York, Boston, London, Berlin, and Hamburg. The challenge was twofold: revitalizing an aging structure with an approach centered on sustainability while ensuring maximum adaptability and flexibility. Intended for a diverse clientele with varied workplace expectations and demands, the Amsterdam hub needed to be more than a workspace; it had to serve as a versatile laboratory, ready for the ever-evolving demands of tomorrow.

Edge Olympic and Mapiq
Together with EDGE Technologies we created a high-tech work environment. Picture: Ossip van Duivenbode and Edge Technologies.

The Mapiq solution

An innovative solution emerged through the synergy of the Mapiq platform and the building's integrated sensors. By combining occupancy data with booking trends, a comprehensive understanding of the building's day-to-day use emerges, facilitating the continuous refinement of the building's workspace concept. Whether bustling or calm, Mapiq empowers employees to plan days at the office around collaboration with their teams. While on busy days, finding a place to meet or do focused work is easy, on quiet days, entire areas of the office can be closed to optimize cost and reduce the CO2 footprint per individual.

"It is exciting to see how smart technology is truly a valuable tool in helping us to achieve our goal of creating better buildings."

Chief Technology Officer

Erik Ubels


Edge Olympic is globally recognized with the Platinum WELL Building Standard.

  • Innovative hub and playground for testing new concepts and technologies.
  • Increased employee productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • Lower CO2 footprint and workplace cost per employee.
  • High sustainability and well-being certification: BREEAM Excellent and WELL Platinum.

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