Office platform for activity-based working

With Mapiq, employees gain control over their environment and can easily find desks, colleagues, and meeting rooms. As the backbone of your smart office, our cloud-based office platform seamlessly integrates every facility system to create flexible workplaces for all to thrive in.


COVID-19 features

Employees worldwide are waiting to return to the office. However, organizing a safe return requires a thoughtful approach, because not all your employees can come back at the same time. How can technology help you organize a safe return?

Discover Mapiq's Office Shifts

Occupancy Display

Spread employees evenly over the building by showing them which floors are the least occupied, in real-time.

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Office capacity calculator

Calculate your maximum office capacity and show how many workplaces are safe to use.

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Mapiq creates flexible workplaces

For companies that (want to) work according to activity-based working in responsive buildings, we create flexible workplaces. Mapiq makes work attractive by ensuring office well-being that leads to creativity, engagement, and productivity. It contributes to finding and retaining talent and gives facility managers the tools to focus on continuous capacity optimization through office analytics.

Pick the solutions you need. We’ll take care of the rest.

Office Platform

Your entire office in 3D. The Mapiq Platform is the backbone of your smart office and is the base on which all other solutions are added.

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Give employees an overview of every room and support ad hoc meetings. With this solution, employees can easily book a space.

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Plug this popular module into your Mapiq Platform and employees will never have to worry about finding an available—and ideal!—workplace again.

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Add this solution to inspire ad hoc meetings, help teams quickly locate one another and increase face-to-face contact amongst employees.

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Add this solution and give control to your employees. A single swipe or tap of a button adjusts their working environment to their personal preferences.

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Office Analytics

This powerful module helps you minimize no-shows, see workplace occupancy, identify underutilized spaces and reduce costs—all on a single dashboard.

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SaaS subscription

SaaS subscription

Offered as a SaaS subscription, the platform is always up-to-date while being safely secured in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.



Mapiq integrates with all of your existing systems and allows you to manage them all from a single, unified system.


A single interface

A design that always keeps the end-user in mind. No matter the platform, you will always get the same experience.