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Mapiq assisted Proximus with the metamorphosis of their traditional office into a modern workplace which supports activity-based working in an optimal way.

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The Proximus Towers is among the tallest buildings in Belgium

Phased implementation

Per 6 floors

Total office space

Total office space

100,000 m²




Twin skyscraper

Proximus is the largest digital service provider in Belgium. The company is headquartered in the Proximus Towers in Brussels, which are among the tallest buildings in the country. All departments work together in this 100.000 M2, 62-floor twin skyscraper complex.

The building is equipped with workspaces based on activity type

Challenges faced by Proximus

The Proximus headquarters are being transformed into a collaborative working environment that offers different types of workspaces to enable activity-based working. Proximus decided to explore the use of smart building technology to ensure an optimal employee experience regarding meeting room availability and booking. It was essential to implement a scalable and future-proof platform solution capable of engaging their employees and collecting building data. After extensive market research, Mapiq was selected to support Proximus in this new way of working.

Mapiq helps employees finding colleagues, available workspaces and their way through the building

‘’Mapiq enables our employees to work smarter by helping them easily find free meeting rooms ad hoc, without the need to make reservations upfront."

Jan Dhaenens, Change Management Lead Collaborative Workplace at Proximus

How Mapiq helped

Together with the Belgian digital service provider, we conducted a comprehensive building research and concluded that transformation would be best executed in phases.

The building was first renovated to meet the standards of an activity-based work environment. Every department received a home base floor equipped with individual workplaces, quiet spaces for concentrated work, collaboration areas and state-of-the-art meeting rooms.

To support these physical changes, we implemented our smart building platform including an interactive 3D map of the towers that shows detailed information about all workspaces and facilities. Proximus' current room booking system has been integrated with the Mapiq Platform, making it possible to find and book available meeting rooms within Mapiq.

Overall, 931 sensors measure room and desk occupancy and function as an input source for the Analytics dashboard.

Mapiq helps employees find available workplaces in an interactive 3D map of the office building


The implementation of Mapiq has resulted in:

  • A single platform solution that supports an activity-based work environment
  • Real time office occupancy insights on desk and room level taking away the feeling of scarcity
  • Data is collected and visualized in the Analytics dashboard providing the facilities team with information to back-up their decisions
  • Integration with the Exchange room booking system making it possible to book rooms easily in one system.

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