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Together with Mapiq, ISS transformed their headquarters in Zürich, also known as the Cube, into a true showcase for the future of facilities services.

The Cube building is situated next to the Bahnhof Altstetten in Zürich, Switzerland



Digitized office space

Digitized office space

10,000 m²




ISS offers a wealth of services

ISS is one of the largest facilities services companies in the world. The company has over 100 years of experience and operations in 74 countries. Its headquarters, also known as the Cube, is based in Zürich.

At ISS, building occupancy is measured on room level

Creating the future of facilities services

As a frontrunner in their industry, ISS wanted to create an activity-based office where they could introduce their teams to the future of facilities services. A workspace where they could connect and test their latest innovations and demonstrate these to clients. Most importantly, they wanted to collect data to understand how the building was used in order to implement data-driven changes.

450 desk and room sensors function as an utilization data source

‘’ISS is always looking for innovative solutions to serve their clients better. Mapiq’s platform supports ISS in achieving these ambitions.’’

Roger Gygli, Head of digital transformations at ISS

Making it happen!

Together with ISS, we started comprehensive research. Based on the findings and the identified challenges, we decided on a total solution. The Mapiq platform was implemented and we equipped the building with 450 desk and room sensors that function as utilisation data source. Employees got access to all available workplaces and meeting rooms in an interactive 3D map of The Cube, and are able to find their colleagues for agile teamwork. Additionally, we supported the digital transformation team to onboard the end-users to get the most out of Mapiq in their new activity-based work environment.

ISS 3D map
Employees are able to find available workplaces in the interactive 3D map


Thanks to excellent collaboration between ISS and Mapiq, The Cube building has become a true showcase for integrated facilities services. The implementation of the Mapiq platform has resulted in:

  • Occupancy insights on room and desk level
  • A data source to connect and test their own systems, such as a virtual reality cleaning solution, room booking and ticketing system
  • End-users got quickly adapted to Mapiq and get the most out of their activity based work environment
  • A partnership that drives innovation and growth.

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