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Where it all began. Mapiq supports Deloitte’s employees making effective use of the activity-based work environment in a ground-breaking office building in Amsterdam's business district the Zuidas.

The Edge in Amsterdam is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world
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One of a kind

Deloitte is a company where thousands of dedicated professionals from all over the world collaborate to provide a range of financial services. It's European headquarters, The Edge in Amsterdam, is one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world and was awarded the highest BREEAM score ever recorded. Designed with an open layout, this office building is an icon for the modern way of working.

The Edge
The Edge is characterized by large, open and flexible workspaces

Challenges faced by Deloitte

The way people work has changed and as a consequence, so has the workplace. Deloitte is one of the first companies that has responded to this trend, by creating a high-tech and self-sufficient office building which enhances the activity-based working. The Edge is equipped with multiple meeting rooms, open workspaces and short stay desks to support a mobile workforce. The number of employees is twice as big as the available workplaces, therefore it was an absolute necessity to provide employees with occupancy insights.

Additionally, Deloitte wanted to retain and attract talent by providing them a workplace equipped with cutting-edge technology. In order to achieve their objectives, they brought together a team of industry experts and start-ups, including Mapiq and challenged us to develop the best office building in the world. This was our launching customer.

The Edge has 1080 flexible workplace for a total of 2850 Deloitte employees

‘’Mapiq has proved to be the best in understanding Deloitte's needs and supports our professionals in becoming more productive.’’

Erik Ubels, director IT & workplace services at Deloitte

Making it happen!

Together with inspiring partners such as OVG, Philips, Avex, Axxerion and Vecos, we started a collaborative research and discovered that, in order to support the activity-based environment all available data needed to be collected in one platform. Therefore we implemented Mapiq and connected it to all other building systems, 23.000 sensors and iBeacons.

The collected data functions as an input source for the Mapiq platform including its interactive 3D map.
Through this map, users have access to a complete digital office overview and it allows them to navigate, find available workplaces and colleagues easily. We integrated Deloitte’s room booking system, making it possible to book meeting rooms and conversation spaces. Also, we integrated AV and smart locker solutions, which allows employees to control these features with the Mapiq app on their smartphone.

The next phase of the project ‘’Edge 2.0’’ is currently being implemented and will provide the facilities team with improved insights about the office’s usage. Taking The Edge to the next level, from smart to responsive!

The Edge
All meeting rooms, open workspaces and short stay desks are visualized in Mapiq


Mapiq has contributed to the evolution of the modern workspace by creating one of the most innovative office buildings in the world. The implementation of Mapiq has resulted in:

  • Effective support of a mobile workforce, providing them with real-time workspace insights
  • Individual control over AV screens and smart lockers through smartphones and other personal devices
  • An increased number of job applications from talented people that would love to work in The Edge.

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