3 trends for Facility management in 2021

Are you a facility manager planning for the return to the office? Then review these 3 trends that should be considered as people return to work

If you’re a facility manager, you probably had to face a lot of challenges last year. Soon you have to reopen your office doors, but going back to the office is not as easy as it sounds. Think about the social distance, the quality of air, disinfecting, and making effective use of the office space. Businesses need to set up a plan to prevent contamination. Next to that, employees need clear and transparent communication about the situation. This brings along challenges for a variety of departments. As a facility manager, it’s your job to take care of work facilities, security, and services in the office. In this article, we look at 3 trends that will help you tackle these challenges in 2021.

1. Office capacity calculators are crucial

According to Gartner, 41% of employees will work remotely at least a part of their workweek in 2021. Offices simply aren’t built to keep the necessary social distance between employees once everybody is in. Businesses need a new floorplan that points out how many workplaces are still available. Whatever the number of available workplaces is for you, this affects the number of people you can let in the office on a Monday morning. Besides a new office capacity, you also need to show your employees that you take their safety seriously. Think about guiding them through the office to a safe place to work, taking away chairs if there are too many around a table, and removing desks to avoid confusion.

There is always the option to do this manually of course. But since it’s 2021, and smart office technology is here, you could make use of the available tech for your office. Mapiq can help you calculate your new office capacity and set up a new floorplan. With our tools, you can set the maximum number of people allowed in your building. After that, you can choose how many days a week employees can come to the office and how far in advance they can book a slot. This way, technology takes care of the social distance trend and you don’t have to waste time on spreadsheets the upcoming year.

2. IoT improves day-to-day work life

With a period or let’s say a looong time without being in the office, a lot of things had to be done remotely. Luckily, we live in a time where we can rely on the Internet of Things to do part of the job for us. In 2021, we expect that the Internet of Things will grow even bigger and that technology can help us a great deal in office life. Think about desk sensors that show if a desk has been occupied and should be cleaned before someone else can use it. Or sensors that measure the temperature and humidity in a room to keep the chances of spreading the virus to a minimum. Integrating hardware and software in your office improves consistency in service and quality. This is not only a way to keep your office safe, but it also creates the visibility we need for the upcoming year.

If your office is not there yet, make sure to start soon, since smart offices are becoming the new norm. Going all-in with IoT ensures a future-proof workplace. Smart technology can easily help you adapt to changes as soon as situations shift. If you are aiming for a smarter office, consider maintenance and integrations. Does the product connect with your current hardware and software and does it offer automatic updates? With Mapiq, you can easily integrate existing systems into your smart office platform and let employees share building facilities. As simple as that.

3. Personal data security needs attention

It’s not just about feeling safe in the office when it comes to contamination. With digital-first work environments come along the worries about privacy and security. Experts assume that when the technology gets more advanced the need for security will grow even bigger. Integrations with platforms can make it tremendously easier to get a job done, but it also needs to be safe. You don’t want your employees to worry about their data or if their office presence is being checked on a personal level. Taking care of the privacy and security of your employees should be one of your main priorities as a facility manager this year.

When you’re searching for new tools for the upcoming year, make sure you check the security and privacy boxes. You want to make conscious technology decisions. Smart office platforms like Mapiq, give employees control over their personal data, so you can guarantee full privacy. On top of that, our data is anonymized, so you can learn more about your office without tracking personal moves.

Ready to take your workplace to the next level?

In 2022, it’s not about building a bigger office or leaving the workplace just as it is. If we look at the latest hybrid working trends it will be about creating a thriving, digital-first work environment. A workplace that helps employees to keep enough social distance, guides them through the entire building, and helps them feel safe about their personal health and data. Smart technology can help anticipate change and create a workplace that’s fit for the future.