One smart office platform

Take agile working to the next level with Mapiq's smart office platform. At the heart of our application lies a 3D model of your smart building. Here you can see exactly what's going on in your office. Get workplace insights, navigate through the space, and orient yourself within the building.

Simple, smart and social

Mapiq's technology sits at the intersection of science, psychology, and design—so you can offer tools that boost the employee experience.

Find workplaces
Workplace occupancy
Find colleagues
Find rooms
Room occupancy
Room booking
No shows
Find facilities
3D map
Capacity management
Shift booking
Light control
Temperature control

Small sensors, big insights

Show which facilities are available in real-time. Get smarter each day with data insights generated through different sensors.


Based on a capacitive sensing technique, our proprietary workplace sensor is installed under your desks. It shows real-time data on workspace availability and gives localization data.


PointGrab’s sensors make your buildings truly intelligent. The company’s CogniPoint embedded analytics sensors help you understand occupancy data.


bGrid’s sensors measure localization, workplace and meeting room availability, office comforts, and other useful statistics.

Seamless integrations

Have a flawless ecosystem? Mapiq can easily fit into your existing infrastructure.

Anytime, anywhere

Whether you use Mapiq on the web, on your phone, or at one of the in-office signs, you’ll always get the same great user experience.

Room display
Building occupancy display

Take your existing systems and add them to our platform. We support integrations so you have a single, unified smart office system.

SaaS subscription

Our platform is low maintenance with easy updates. All totally secured in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

A single interface

User experience is at the core of our product design. No matter the platform, you’ll always have a great, consistent, and reliable experience.

Rowan de Bruin
Smart Office Advisor
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