Office Heatmaps

Office Heatmaps

Office Heatmaps

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Find out how employees actually use your office

Noise and overcrowded spaces are some of the most common factors that decrease your office’s productivity and employee well-being. Mapiq’s Office Heatmaps gives you the power to visualize in real-time how employees are actually use your office space. Make informed decisions in your workplace and save millions of real estate costs.

Say goodbye to your office's overcrowded areas, visualize in real-time how employees are using the office and make informed real-estate decisions.

How office heatmaps work

Mapiq office heatmaps are powered by data coming from all the connected devices in your building’s wi-fi and our sensors. The data is grouped into an easy to use dashboard that highlights the busiest and quietest areas of your office. Make sense of the use and occupancy levels of every part of your building, floors, conference rooms, rest areas to the individual work desks.

With office heatmaps you can see how employees are spread in your office throughout the day.

The benefits of office heatmaps for employees

1. Boost employee satisfaction

Providing your employees with real-time office occupancy insights will help them better navigate within your office, find the best place to work and socialize with their colleagues. Office heatmaps will help employees increase their productivity in the office as employees won’t loose valuable time in searching for the right working space. As a result, employees will allocate their time more efficiently which can result in an increase of job performance and satisfaction.  

2. Increase the sense of autonomy

Deciding where and how to work has a major impact on employees sense of autonomy. For many employees, this feeling results in increased creativity, and overall well-being. Next to that, using smart office technology to allow employees to decide when and where to work in the office can also increase employee retention.

3. Spike productivity and collaboration

Give your employees the freedom to choose the workspace that best suits their needs. Employees who need to work on complex proposals might need quieter areas to do focused work, while teams that need to collaborate on a project may choose spend a day in a meeting room. With office heatmaps employees and teams will quickly find the right place to work or conduct hybrid meetings.

Office heatmaps
With Office Heatmaps employees can find the perfect workspace in seconds.

The benefits of office heatmaps for business leaders

1. Improve employees well-being

Providing your employees with the necessary tools to find their favorite place to work inside your office can increase their sense of belonging. With Office Heatmaps, your employees can pick their preferred working spot depending on their daily needs. The feeling of belonging is a key element for increasing your employees well-being. Having your employees well-being as the center of your workplace strategy can boost and even peak organizational performance. Read more in our whitepaper: The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being.

2. Maximize productivity

Employees that have real-time access to building, floor and conference room occupancy levels can be more productive. With Office Heatmaps, your employees will waste less time pondering around your office while having more productive time to work on projects and collaborate with each other. As a result, giving your employees the sense of autonomy to choose their preferred working place will result in improved productivity levels.  

3. Reduce operating costs

As a facility manager or real estate manager you can use Office Heatmaps insights to make effective cross-link decisions. You can reduce your building’s operating costs or even reduce the number of buildings in your real estate portfolio by realizing how employees are actually using your buildings and offices. Next to that, with Office Heatmaps you can see which office areas are underused and decide to redesign them, add or reduce the number of desks.

Smart office technology to make your office a thriving environment

With smart office technology you are able to coordinate a safe return to the office, manage capacity peaks and let people connect with each other in the office. Mapiq solutions will make your office a thriving environment for collaboration, socializing and customers meetings. Our smart office advisors are always happy to help!

Mockup of Mapiq's map builder for account administrators. Draw maps, add floors, desks and areas to your buildings.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office with real-time attendance.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office showcasing meeting rooms and available equipment.

Key features

Mapiq Desk Booking provides everything an office needs to stay organized and productive. With a range of features designed to increase easy collaboration and boost productivity, you’ll always have what you need for a great day at work.

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Go beyond hybrid meetings

If you’re looking to streamline your organization, increase employee retention, and optimize your office space, then you’ll need more than just a hybrid meetings feature. With the Mapiq desktop and mobile app, you have everything you need to boost collaboration and manage your space while staying one step ahead of workplace trends. And with Mapiq’s data and analytics feature, you can always analyze and improve your workplace.

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