Your building can do more

In a single year, the office has changed from a daily home base for employees to a flexible workspace for meetings and collaboration. Worldwide, companies have responded by downsizing their office space—but they don’t have the right data to make sure they’re downsizing in the right ways.
Understand employee needs
Use data to make space changes
Reduce the right square meters

Create the perfect office experience

Easily see which workspaces are available on the 3D map of your building. Your team can then book the workspace that best matches their needs in just a few clicks.

Sensors can detect if a space appears to be empty, even if the space is reserved. So if a room gets booked but the meeting never happens, ad-hoc get-togethers can still take over the space.

See trends in space usage, then take immediate action. Notice people gather in one room? Why not turn it into a lounge. Mapiq shows you where the most important areas of your building are.

Optimize your office space

Understand which areas of the building are used most and which areas are used the least. Mapiq will give you the data you need to understand where you should scale up or down.

When it comes time to renew your lease, you’ll know exactly how much you should downsize or increase the space. And where to make those changes.

Use data to anticipate the changing needs of employees. Then match those needs with smart updates to your office space.

Stay safe at work

Track your office capacity and make sure there’s enough distance for everyone to thrive at work. You can even block off workspaces so you can ensure everyone stays a safe distance apart.

Office Shifts lets you coordinate how many days each week employees can come to the office and keep an overview of real-time occupancy per floor.

Get the most out of your office with data

Decrease building costs

Scale your business up or down based on data, not gut feeling. With data, you’ll be able to make smarter space investments.

Boost the office experience

Give your employees what they need, and they’ll make better use of the office space.

Keep a safe distance

Set a maximum capacity and make sure your employees are safe. Real-time availability per floor makes sure everyone stays evenly spread out.

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Make better decisions with office data.
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