Oct 25, 2018 in Product

What’s new with Mapiq?

We like to keep things fresh. Business needs and smart technology are constantly evolving. So do we. Sometimes they’re minor upgrades, and other times we introduce entirely new products, but they’re always user-centric. Check here every month for new highlights.

Anne Wernand
by Anne Wernand

What's new with Mapiq?

So, what’s the download? New in October:

  • An insightful site selector page
  • A wonderful welcome page
  • Truly flexible room booking
  • Bits and bytes

Site selector
A preview of our site selector for our client UvA

An insightful site selector page

Mapiq’s new site selector helps users navigate through multiple locations. The welcome page makes it easier to find the best place to work each day. This feature is ideal for corporations with multiple buildings - or clients who must optimize campus real estate.

University of Amsterdam (UvA) has a page to help students and faculty get the most out of the eight campus buildings that are integrated with Mapiq. Mapiq helps UvA community members figure out which building is better for a study day, a brainstorm session for a group project group or hours of exam prep. Users can see how busy certain buildings are so they can pick the best spot for what they need to do. Students can select whether they are looking for individual workspaces, places to work together or a computer desk. Imagine this on a corporate campus!

A wonderful welcome page

Who doesn't like a warm welcome? This feature is the first thing our users see when opening Mapiq, it is basically the virtual front door of their office. We wanted to make a great first impression and I think we did a pretty good job. The welcome page also gives a company the chance to add a bit of their own personality to Mapiq. 


A preview of the personal welcome screen in Mapiq
A preview of the personal welcome screen in Mapiq

A truly flexible room booking

Today’s office is a dynamic environment, where unplanned meetings have become the norm. At Mapiq, we want to support those ad hoc meetings. A building will only be optimally used when people know they can always find a  suitable space, no matter their needs. Our room-booking feature is now adapted for these ad hoc meetings. In standard room-booking systems, meeting rooms are often be reserved for half an hour or an hour. Mapiq users can now reserve rooms for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Not only can you find space for a quick meeting, but the person looking for a space 20 minutes later will as well. If time is money, you don’t want a minute wasted.

Bits and bytes

Last month we introduced a subtle update to Mapiq Now: pull-to-refresh functionality. Going beyond refresh buttons enhances that real-time feeling for all users. We also improved our integration with CogniPoint, the product of our partner company Point Grab. By utilising advanced deep-learning neural networks technology, CogniPoint delivers the actionable data to help employees navigate through resources smoothly. In our latest release, we ensure that the people count is more precise and your workflow is unimpeded.

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