Better Occupancy Insights Powered by Your Cisco Infrastructure

Mapiq is now available on the Cisco Partner App Marketplace and integrates with Cisco Spaces (formerly Cisco DNA Spaces) for advanced occupancy insights that make it easier for enterprises to optimize their use of resources.

With hybrid work here to stay, the importance of optimizing the use of resources and supporting employees during their workday becomes greater. And because utilization levels shift throughout the work week, having accurate data is essential to achieving this goal.

The Cisco Spaces integration will allow Mapiq customers to get these accurate occupancy insights from devices such as Cisco Webex systems. The goal of our new partnership is to leverage already existing Cisco technology for real- space occupancy and deliver more value for both management and employees.

With Cisco occupancy sensors, you can monitor your building’s occupancy directly in the Mapiq workplace experience platform, allowing you to optimize your workplace strategy.  

Employees can find meeting rooms based on the Cisco Spaces data using Mapiq. And with Cisco occupancy information, Mapiq will provide employees with personalized suggestions, showing them available workspaces or conveniently located meeting rooms or phone booths.  

What’s more, with Calendar integration, employees will be able to book resources based on combined calendar and occupancy data.

Unlock the full potential of your existing Cisco infrastructure

With Cisco Wi-Fi data integration enabled, Mapiq offers workplace leaders access to more reliable relative office attendance data and detailed reports, enhancing workday bookings without the need for automatic check-in integrations. This solution provides insights at both building and floor levels, utilizing existing infrastructure without requiring additional investments in sensors or check-in integrations. 

"We are delighted to join the Cisco Spaces marketplace to help organizations navigate the hybrid workplace challenges and support employees worldwide to make better use of resources based on Cisco Spaces technology."

Ram Puranam

Global Head Partner Ecosystem at Mapiq

We are thrilled to welcome Mapiq into our Partner Space and ecosystem. With Cisco Spaces and Mapiq, businesses will be able to continuously adapt their workplace strategy based on occupancy data and offer employees a more productive and connected environment.

Zoe Zou

Engineering Product Manager at Cisco Spaces

Mapiq is now also listed in the Cisco Partner App Marketplace. This means Cisco customers can activate this integration with Mapiq via Cisco Partner App and leverage the already available Cisco infrastructures like Webex.  

Click here to learn how to activate your Cisco technology as a Mapiq customer.  

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