Personalize your workspace with our flexible APIs

Mapiq is designed to simplify your workday, but organizations can accomplish even more with our Open API. Integrate our solution with the rest of your smart office technology for a fully connected workspace.


The building blocks to integrate your smart ecosystem

Take the data you generate with Mapiq to new heights. With our four APIs, we give you the freedom to build deeper connections between your existing smart office tools and our easy-to-use application.

Employee shift data
Know where your employees are at the office
Understand which office, area, or desk your employees have checked in at
Building data
Retrieve the identification data of your buildings
Understand what floors or areas are accessible
Assess building capacity
User data
Receive data related to the user profiles you defined in Mapiq: title, team, department, permissions, and more
Parking data
Receive data about parking lot usage
Connect your existing parking management system to allow access based on booked shifts
Mapiq hardware - green sensor under desk

Connect with best-in-class hardware out of the box

Not every integration requires a complex setup. We partner with experts like Elsys, PointGrab, and Vergesense to provide top-of-the-line sensor technology compatible with Mapiq. Contact our smart office experts to learn more.

Integrate with the platforms you already use

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Every smart office is different, and the Mapiq APIs give you unique control over your workspace by linking together multiple solutions. Looking to control room temperature, lights, lockers, catering, or even parking? Mapiq’s Tailored Services team can help you accomplish that with our easy-to-use app and user-friendly admin interface.

Workplace occupancy

Room occupancy


Find facilities

3D map


Shift booking

Light control

Temperature control


Beautiful open office workspace from above

Frequently asked questions

Does Mapiq integrate with sensor technology?

With our API, Mapiq can connect to any third-party sensor solution. Do you already have sensors currently installed in your office? Then our Tailored Solutions team will make sure to seamlessly integrate it with Mapiq.

Do I need to pay extra to integrate sensors?

Mapiq is partnering up with some of the best-in-class sensor providers––Elsys, Pointgrab, Vergesense––and has built off-the-shelf integrations ready to be set up without the need for extra support. Any other technology besides these sensor providers will require extra steps that our tailored solutions team can support you with.