All your tools 
work as one

Increase workplace efficiency, make teams happier and do more with Mapiq by connecting your tech stack with our platform.

Maximize workplace efficiency and team productivity.

Our platform not only gets your employees what they need faster, 
but they also help your teams to do more in less time.

Single Sign On

Secure login with your company credentials and automatically assigns employees to the right departments, locations and more.

Calendar integrations

Connect with room calendars, and Mapiq provides smart suggestions on when and where to meet at the office. No matter how busy it gets on Tuesdays with Mapiq you will always of the perfect place to meet.

Microsoft teams

Immediately use the power of Mapiq from within Microsoft teams. No need to download additional applications, you can access our most important features from here.

Cisco Spaces

You allow data to flow between Cisco Spaces and Mapiq with minimal effort. Now, you can leverage your existing Cisco infrastructure to unlock better workplace insights.

Sensor technology

Occupancy sensors can provide accurate data about workplace utilization. Mapiq offers out of the box integrations with the world’s leading providers and makes it possible to mix and match, offering maximum flexibility for your entire portfolio.

Need custom integration?
Use our API’s.

Our robust API’s let you seamlessly integrate Mapiq with your own product, sensors, tech stack or other tools.

Ready to transform your workplace