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Streamline your office day

Inspire connection and collaboration and support employees in every stage of their workday at the office—all from one application.

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Intentional office visits without surprises 

Know where your favorite coworkers are working from at all times and plan your work week accordingly. Get suggestions for a desk and parking spot tailored to your needs and start your day smoothly.

Effortlessly connect and collaborate with your team

Haven't seen your team or project squad in a while? Invite them to join you at the office to catch up, get some work done together, or both. Mapiq will suggest several workspaces for the whole group and notify collleagues, so that everyone is in sync.

Find the perfect room on the go

Create your events directly in Mapiq to get personalized suggestions that match your needs perfectly. Did you forget to reserve a room in advance or need to arrange a last-minute brainstorm session? Easily locate an available room with just one touch.

Easy and intuitive wayfinding

Navigate the office without endless lists and hard-to-recognize names - zoom in and out the office map to locate resources and people quickly and have a clear overview powered by sensor and calendar updates.

Use Mapiq across devices

Whether you're on your laptop, mobile, or tablet, Mapiq is designed with user-friendliness in mind so that you always have what you need within seconds.

Make your commutes worthwhile with Mapiq

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