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Workplace Optimization

Better Office Attendance Insights Powered by your Cisco WiFi Infrastructure

Leverage your existing Cisco Infrastructure and unlock better insights of how your facilities are being used. Available now for Mapiq Enterprise customers with the Occupancy add-on.
Workplace Experience

Wayfinding Just Got Easier with the Improved Office Facilities Search Page

Save time searching for facilities and get a clear map overview of available facilities, desks, and spaces.
Workplace Optimization

Get Advanced Room Insights with a new Room Calendar Integration for Microsoft 365

Access advanced meeting room booking trends directly in the Analytics dashboard which will help measure, understand, and improve your meeting spaces. In combination with occupancy sensors, get additional insights on meeting room utilization (for example, booked but not utilized) and understand the root causes of meeting room no-shows.

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Esther de Winter
Mihaela Andries
Larasati Bruins
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
2:00 pm

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