Meeting Room Insights: Improve And Optimize Your Room Portfolio With Ease

You spoke and we listened – Mapiq's latest update allows you to effortlessly go from portfolio status all the way to room specific utilization trends to optimize your meeting room supply and demand.

Adapting to Hybrid Work: The Meeting Room Challenge

With employees working hybrid and collaboration being the main reason to come to the office, every in-office interaction has a big chance of becoming a spontaneous meeting–placing significant pressure on the meeting room availability.

Now imagine you are responsible for optimizing meeting spaces across four offices, each having 150 rooms. On average these rooms are booked six times per day, resulting in 3600 meetings happening daily, and 82800 each month. But some of these meetings only happen on paper, leading to popular rooms that are empty, and others are almost never used while employees experience scarcity. For workplace teams, this data quickly becomes difficult to oversee and act on.

Meet Mapiq's Insights

With Meeting Room Insights, you now effortlessly prioritize which and what rooms need your attention. Within a few clicks you go from the portfolio overview to a detailed root-cause analysis to optimize the use of specific rooms.

Meeting Room Insights is our first major release that's part of our revamped workplace analytics environment called Mapiq Insights. We've reimagened workplace analytics to go beyond traditional reporting, transforming raw data into smart insights that elevates the work of workplace teams.

Mapiq Insights is not just an upgrade; it's an evolution designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace. After lot's of user validation, testing, and experimenting we've created a strong foundation for more exiting releases yet to come.

Elevating the Decision-Making Power of Workplace Teams

Offering a great workplace experience requires strategic planning. Workplace teams are increasingly expected to be proactive rather than reactive. However, most organizations fail to tap into the potential of the workplace data currently present within their tech stack. 

Mapiq's Meeting Room Insights changes this with out-of-the-box integrations, like room calender and sensor data. These integrations unlock millions of data points, offering a historical view of your meeting room usage and access to insights tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Using our dynamic filtering settings, you can finetune your overview to match the KPI’s you've set. The result is an overview with actionable, decluttered information—Visualized in a way that all stakeholders will understand.

Configure your own utilization thresholds for what you consider a shortage or oversupply of meeting rooms and Mapiq will provide insights that are tailored to your KPI's.

Within Mapiq, workplace teams can:

  • Set their ideal thresholds and targets for meeting room utilization, focusing on relevant data fitting the KPI’s of their organization.
  • Visualize data in actionable formats, highlighting trends, problematic situations, and successes.
  • Understand the detailed context of issues, such as which days see the most room shortages and how often employees experience these problems.
  • Start with ‘day 0’ measurements: as soon as Meeting Room Insights is activated you get Insights based on meetings from the past 3 months, allowing you to jumpstart your work with a realistic dataset.
Dynamic filtering allows you to decide what data you need to refine your strategy. E.g. exclude the data generated during lunch-time or closing hours.

The Utilization Equation: How to Balance Supply and Demand for Meeting Spaces

Organizations often don’t know where to begin when balancing the supply and demand for their meeting rooms. Complaints about unavailable rooms occur during peak days, while under utilization plagues other days.

Mapiq Insights tackles these issues head-on by providing a comprehensive view and custom filtering of your data at every level, making it easier to understand and address the needs of your employees.

Let’s take a look:

Under and oversupply of meeting rooms is visualized in consistent way across all levels (portfolio to individual rooms), with red representing a shortage and blue a under-utilized meeting room.

Portfolio View: A Vantage Point to Oversee What Needs Attention

Meeting Room Insights provides a portfolio view of all your offices on an interactive map, allowing you to:

  • Identify meeting room shortages and oversupply at a global level.
  • Understand problems at the office building level.
  • Get an overview of the data sources used for the status of each office (e.g. sensors, booking data, calendar, badge data, etc.).
  • Discover behavioural trends and benchmarks to apply learnings across other offices.
  • Compare office utilization across regions.

With Mapiq, going from portfolio all the way to individual room data is a fluent and effortless experience.

Granular Control and Actionable Insights on Specific Meeting Rooms

Intuitively dive deep into specific data to optimize the workplace experience in detail, and discover:

  • Opportunities for your floor occupancy to be spread out more evenly.
  • The types of meeting rooms that are in shortage.
  • Meeting rooms are used the least and can be repurposed.

Meeting Room Insights: Leverage Millions of Data Points Hidden in Your Tech Stack

Mapiq's revamped workplace analytics environment goes beyond traditional reporting, transforming raw data into meaningful insights and visualizations that elevate the work of workplace teams. This feature is not just an upgrade; it's an evolution designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Mapiq leverages anonymous room calendar bookings and combines them with data from your existing occupancy sensors, such as Cisco Webex, Pointgrab, and VergeSense devices.

With out-of-the-box integrations Mapiq unlocks millions of data points, offering a historical view of your meeting room usage. This data treasure has been hidden across your tech stack until now, with Mapiq being the key to unlock its full potential.

Getting started with Meeting Room Insights is easy and doesn’t require additional hardware investments. Ready to unleash your meeting room data? Schedule a demo today.

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