Personalize your workspace with Mapiq's API

Leverage Mapiq’s public API, for more streamlined business processes and reduced costs.

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Optimizing the workplace to contribute to company goals

How you can leverage Mapiq’s API

Automatic check-in

To get a better understanding of your attendance rate and no-shows, the Mapiq API allows you to match booking data with access control data. That way, every time an employee swipes their keycard or smartphone to enter the building, they will be automatically checked in.

Create workflows for hybrid work

If you manage global offices, you’ll know that each country has its own guidelines for hybrid working and travel reimbursements. With Mapiq’s API, you can create workflows that will streamline this.

For example, you can require employees to confirm the number of days worked remotely or at the office based on pre-filled information from their Mapiq bookings. Then you can use those for travel reimbursements or WFH allowances.

Optimize your parking space

Connect your existing parking management system to Mapiq to allow access to the parking lots based on office bookings and remove the pain of parking tickets.

Reduce downstream costs

Feed Mapiq’s data into your FMIS for more accurate planning of catering, cleaning, facility support, and other activities.You’ll understand how much different offices, areas, or desks are being used and could save on maintenance.

Connect your occupancy technology

With the occupancy API, you can now connect your 3rd party sensor data to Mapiq's workplace experience platform. That will help you streamline all your workplace analytics in one place and gather valuable insights about your occupancy.

Create custom analytics

There is no solution-fits-all when it comes to analytics and workplace data. That’s why Mapiq’s API allows you to retrieve data about reservations, workdays, and building utilization and combine it with your employee Active Directory to get insights into teams and their workplace preferences. On top of this, you can also create custom dashboards to visualize the insights that you need the most and import all the data for further analysis.

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