Desk Booking: the vital component for agile working

Desk Booking: the vital component for agile working

Desk Booking: the vital component for agile working

The benefits of agile working are becoming more and more apparent. Research shows that 98% oforganizations that enable agile working benefit from the implementation. It comes as no surprisethat 71% of companies (Capterra) are now working agile.

What is desk booking?

With a desk booking app, employees can book a desk or shift in the office. By using a desk booking solution, you can potentially:

  • Protect workplace safety
  • Enable agile working
  • Boost employee well-being
  • Increase workspace efficiency
Desk booking solution helps you keep your office safe, manage your office capacity and minimize workload.
Desk booking solution helps you keep your office safe, manage your office capacity and minimize workload.

Reversing the challenges of today’s workplace

Whichever workplace concept you currently have, the pandemic has drastically affected working patterns. As employees are returning to the office, it is essential to have an effective way to organize who is coming to the office when, and where they can work. Desk booking seems to be a solution for this. But before we make any assumptions, let's get back to the biggest challenges organizations are facing today.

1. How do I keep my employees safe in the office?

Nothing is currently more important than the safety of your employees. The key to ensuring your employees’ safety is to guarantee workplaces on a safe distance from each other. In most cases, the required distancing recommended for workplace safety is at least 1.5 meters.

2. How can I manage a safe office capacity while staying flexible?

When certain days per week are assigned to work in the office, employees may lose their freedom and sense of autonomy. Especially now that it is harder to check in with one another, this can negatively impact your employees’ well-being.

3. How can I boost spontaneity in the office?

Collaboration and the ability to fuel creativity is crucial for businesses to be successful. Employees spend a lot of time working remotely. Thereby, they come to the office individually, without knowing if anyone will be there.

4. How can I minimize my coordination workload?

Neither you or your employees want to complete loads of paperwork and manage endless Excel files to allow people back in. As schedules can change frequently, manual processes quickly become a time-consuming and cumbersome way to manage your office capacity.

Go beyond desk booking

If you're looking for a solution that brings your teams back in the game, you need to look further than desk reservation tools. Mapiq is more than just a booking-app. It's the beginning of the next chapter of work.

While safely guiding your employees back to the office, Mapiq allows you to make flexible use of facilities and boosts collaboration across teams. And by analyzing booking behavior and occupancy rates, you can keep on improving the workplace experience.

Manage a safe office capacity

After calculating your office capacity, you can easily set and change the office capacity in different buildings. Employees can now flexibly book their shifts at the office, while you automatically protect a safe office capacity in multiple buildings.

Reunite your teams

To spend quality time together, teams can align their office shifts. Mapiq's social connections feature shows who's going to be at the office on which days. Facilitating teamwork will boost collaboration and brings creativity back into the workplace.

Anticipate change

Booking behavior and occupancy insights will let you keep a clear overview on your buildings. You can find all the information you need about your office capacity in your dashboard. As a result, you can quickly anticipate any changes. You no longer have to make a guess. One interface can do the trick.

Boost workplace well-being

With valuable insights at hand, you can give employees the best office experience. Enable employees to come to the office on their preferred days. Give employees the freedom to work flexibly and autonomously. Bring people together again and increase their well-being.

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