Desk booking: the vital component for hybrid working

Desk booking: the vital component for hybrid working

Desk booking: the vital component for hybrid working

Hybrid working provides many benefits, but the uncertainty of who will be working in the office can raise several questions: How can we avoid an overcrowded office? Or an office that is always empty? What is the key to successfully implementing hybrid working? It turns out that the answer to those questions is desk booking.

What is desk booking?

Workers can use a desk booking system to reserve which days they’ll be in the office, and what spaces they want to work from. Whether you prefer a standing desk, a focus area, or a seat near the window, desk booking ensures that you always have access to the space that suits your needs.

Create a safe and comfortable environment
Boost collaboration
Maintain employee well-being

Reversing the challenges of today’s workplace‍

The global influence of hybrid working is inevitable. As more employees work from home, the question of how to use a physical office space becomes crucial. It is essential to have a solution that organizes who is coming to the office, when they are coming, and where they can work. Desk booking is that solution.

Cut costs in a good way
Save costs
Hybrid working
Enable hybrid working
Be prepared for future changes
Increase workplace efficiency

Manage a safe office capacity

Maintaining a suitable office capacity not only stops the spread of germs, but can keep your office cleaner, quieter, and free of clutter. With desk booking, employees can now flexibly book their shifts at the office, while automatically ensuring a safe capacity in multiple buildings or floors.

‍Reunite your teams

Thanks to Mapiq's social connections feature, team members can sync their office shifts with one another, guaranteeing that their time together is spent wisely. By using desk booking, employees always have the time and space to connect—enabling them to efficiently plan meetings, schedule focus days, and creatively collaborate.

Improve employee wellness

Assigning days in which workers have to be in the office can decrease their sense of freedom and autonomy. By embracing hybrid working and desk booking, you signal to your employees that you trust them to perform their work without constant oversight. When employees feel trusted while working from home, 76% reported having lower stress levels and 40% said they were less likely to experience burnout.

Go beyond desk booking

If you’re looking to improve your office, boost employee well-being, and automize your organization, then you’ll need more than just a desk reservation system. Mapiq provides everything you need to flexibly use your facilities and increase collaboration—while keeping your office up to date with changing workplace trends. And with Mapiq’s state-of-the-art behavior data, you can always analyze and improve your workplace experience.

Use data to make improvements
Unite your community
Keep your office modernized

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