Room booking solutions that boost agile working

Room booking solutions that boost agile working

Room booking solutions that boost agile working

Always find a place to meet

The future of work is changing, and people are changing along with it. Employees come to the office for different reasons than before. In today’s workplace, it’s all about meeting each other at work. Employees want to collaborate, kickoff projects, and work together in teams. A dynamic workplace needs meetings to thrive.

Our meeting room solution helps employees connect at work, gets rids of no-shows, saves time, and encourages collaboration. With this solution, employees always have an available meeting room within reach.

Say goodbye to ineffective meetings

Meetings help us collaborate, strengthen our team, and resolve issues. But finding a perfect meeting room can be a challenge. Meeting rooms can be booked but unused, the room can lack the necessary equipment, or there simply isn’t a room available when you need it. Next to that, when creativity strikes, employees may want a room right now instead of a room that is only available in an hour.

When you want to meet right away, it can be hard to find an available room in a large office building. On average, we lose up to 15 minutes wandering the hallways for a place to sit. If we can’t find a proper room, employees settle for non-private areas, or end up somewhere without the right facilities. This is not only a waste of time and energy, but it also decreases the productivity of the meeting.

Our room booking solution can reduce no-shows, give detailed office analytics.

How our room booking solution can help

Our room booking solution can reduce no-shows, give detailed office analytics, and help employees book meeting rooms effortlessly within a matter of seconds. If the room employees want to book is occupied, our technology can easily hook them up with the best alternative.

Easily book meeting rooms

Stop employees from inefficiently wandering around for a free workplace. Our easy-to-use app suggests fitting meeting rooms for different types of meetings. Presenting? Collaborating? Brainstorming? People can easily book the room they need with Mapiq. Via the interactive 3D model of your office, employees gain insights into all meeting rooms, including real-time occupancy data.

Get meeting room suggestions

Always find the perfect fit with Room Suggest. Help employees book what they need. And if the ideal room isn’t available, Room Suggest finds and offers the near-perfect fit

Not only does our software help in finding the right meeting space with the right amenities, but you can also create an overview to find out which rooms are the most popular.

Support spontaneous meetings

Help employees find an ad hoc meeting room when creativity strikes. Ad hoc meetings can be booked, based on location and activity. As soon as employees feel like collaborating, our technology always helps them find what they need right now.

Take advantage of no-shows

Somebody booked a room and didn't show up. Hey, it happens. Instead of this causing friction, how about sharing the room's availability status in the app? If they didn't show up, somebody else might love to use that meeting room. Mapiq makes sure you'll get the most out of your meeting rooms.

Our room booking solution can reduce no-shows, give detailed office analytics

The benefits of our room booking solution

Always an available room within reach

For every type of meeting and at any time of the day, our room booking solution provides the best possibilities. Let employees make choices based on location, facilities, time, group size, area, and more.

Integrate easily with your other systems

Mapiq integrates existing meeting room booking systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Axxerion, TOPdesk, Condecco, Tririga, and Facilitor in a single interface. These systems remain fully functional and serve as a data source to ensure optimal building efficiency.

Real-time information any time, anywhere

Get insights into the availability of meeting rooms within seconds. Our products are available for web, app, room displays, and kiosks. The design feels intuitive and easy-to-use.

Reversing the challenges of today’s workplace‍

The global influence of hybrid working is inevitable. As more employees work from home, the question of how to use a physical office space becomes crucial. It is essential to have a solution that organizes who is coming to the office, when they are coming, and where they can work. Desk booking is that solution.

Cut costs in a good way
Save costs
Hybrid working
Enable hybrid working
Be prepared for future changes
Increase workplace efficiency

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