Create a flexible workspace

Work-life is changing. And it’s never been more important to let your employees choose what type of workspace helps them perform their best. When you give people the flexibility and freedom over where they work, you’ll see happier people, better results, and lower turnover.
Boost autonomy and belonging
Boost workplace autonomy
Be prepared for future changes
Share workspace data
Support on-the-fly creativity
Support on-the-fly creativity

Give people freedom of choice

Employees can easily pick which days they want to come to the office with Mapiq. You’ll be able to bring people to the office, but still maintain safety.

Let people choose where they do their best work at the office. Employees can book their favorite working space in advance so they can have the most productive day at work.

Control your work environment

Set a room exactly how you want it. Mapiq can connect to smart light and temperature controls so you can easily adjust a space to match your needs.

Support ad-hoc meetings

When creativity strikes, make sure your team can chase their ideas. Real-time availability of hybrid meeting spaces means teams can book ad-hoc meetings without worrying about losing their ideas.

Sensors can detect if a space appears to be empty, even if the space is reserved. So if a room gets booked but the meeting never happens, ad-hoc get-togethers can still take over the space.

Stay on top of new needs

See which workspaces are available in an instant. Mapiq’s sensors use a color-coded system to display whether a space is available, occupied, or reserved.

Mapiq sensor under desk

Use the occupancy data from our sensors to anticipate employee needs—and make proactive changes to your office. You’ll delight employees and give them the space they need to perform at their best.

Flex work is the future of work

More engaged employees
More engaged employees

It’s true—when employees have flexible work environments, they’re more engaged with their job and team.

Support on-the-fly creativity
Increased productivity

Let your employees choose when and where they do their best work. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Get amazing results
Get amazing results

More creative, engaged, and productive employees? That’s a recipe for spectacular company performance.

Niels Politiek, Smart Office Advisor
Niels Politiek
Smart Office Advisor
Give the best to your people, get the best in return.
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Data is indispensable. Our smart office platform helps you to collect data about how people use your space. This way, you can evaluate how your buildings are used and adjust floors, rooms, or areas to the needs of your employees.

Our profiles are the answer. You can set up the number of days employees can come to the office and the available days per week. For example, you can choose to let profile A book shifts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and profile B on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This helps you to evenly spread employees over the available time and space.

We are a huge fan of activity-based working. Our platform allows employees to book days in the office in specific areas. If you make sure that within that area, employees can switch from phonebooths to creative rooms and focus zones, you will not lose the benefits of your activity-based working concept. You will still provide a great place to work.