The IT essentials for workplace solutions

In the face of hybrid working, many IT teams are looking for workplace solution that accurately reflects their organization's needs. Selecting a comprehensive tool can seem overwhelming with a range of legal, technical, and security requirements.

That's why we've developed this checklist: to give IT professionals an exhaustive overview of everything a workplace solution should have so that your team can make an informed, confident selection.

Smart workday


A smart office is a workplace powered by technology that allows management to oversee facility needs while supporting employees to have more productive, meaningful days at work.

What's inside

Main takeaways

The basics of a workplace solution

Compare buying vs. building a solution

Learn how to align with multiple teams

Identify your unique requirements

Create a future-proof strategy

Sneak peak
"Finding and setting up a new tool is often time-consuming, but building a tool in-house can often cost even more time and money."

When integrating a workplace solution, IT teams face many challenges. This checklist helps identify what your company needs from a workplace solution.

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