Facility management and successful hybrid working

The growing acceptance of hybrid working has affected all aspects of the workplace, but none more so than facility management. Yet, facility managers and other stakeholders continue to struggle to efficiently implement concepts like hybrid and activity-based working. Here we outline the solution to those struggles: an innovative combination of technology, data, and space transformation.

Facility management


A future-proof workplace is prepared for any unexpected developments that can impact the office and those who work in it. By harnessing technology, well-being, and data-driven strategies, organizations can ensure that their offices stand the test of time and are ready for whatever comes their way.

What's inside

Main takeaways

The importance of the ultimate office experience

Saving space through activity-based working

Dynamic planning of flexible office occupancy

Using data to reduce office costs

Creating impact with smart office technology

Sneak peak
"As the role of the workplace changes, so does the position of a facility manager."

Modern facility managers are responsible for creating an attractive working environment that prioritizes the well-being of employees.

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