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Hybrid working: managing dynamic office occupancy

As the role of the office changes, companies can't afford to risk the future of their real estate portfolios: they need to harness data to make smart workplace decisions.

Main takeaways

Introducing hybrid working has many implications. Now that your employees are walking in- and out whenever they want, it's your challenge to protect the efficiency of your facility management and unnecessary operation cost. Simply eliminating space leads to a risk of overcrowding on certain days. So how can you efficiently spread the workplace occupancy over time? In this whitepaper, we'll teach you how to minimize office space without affecting productivity or the office experience of employees.

"Businesses that decide to switch to hybrid working and scale down their office space may face several challenges."

For instance, how to manage the office when you don’t have enough space for every employee? That's where dynamic office occupancy planning comes in.

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