The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being

Well-being has moved from an easily dismissed, faintly hippie notion to something that’s taken seriously across sectors. It was inevitable that the workplace would become a front in this revolution. Most people spend at least a third of their lives at work. In this research paper, we'll lay out the Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being, which we developed through research and our own experience.



Workplace well-being means that employees are physically and mentally engaged with their work in the office. Improving well-being can increase productivity, improve employee engagement, decrease absences, and boost profits.

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Meet employees' concrete, belonging, and actualization needs

Understand the ROI of workplace well-being

Go from self-actualization to company-actualization

Harness technology to optimize your office

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"Full-time remote working has been shown to increase loneliness by 67%; the challenge is keeping teams connected and motivated while navigating virtual working."

In this whitepaper, we explore how organizations can use a range of strategies and tools to improve well-being.

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