Smart office ecosystems

In a smart office, traditionally separated domains like parking, access management, facility management, WiFi, lighting, and audio-video should work seamlessly together. The key to success lies in exploring new ways of creating partnerships with companies willing to work together in realizing truly smart offices. In this whitepaper, we take a look under the hood and delve into the relationships, interactions, and roles that comprise the elaborate ecosystem of a smart office.

Smart workday


A smart office is a workplace powered by technology that allows management to oversee facility needs while supporting employees to have more productive, meaningful days at work.

What's inside

Main takeaways

The key to hybrid collaboration

The importance of a software ecosystem

The impact of an Open API

The necessary roles to keep a smart office running smoothly

Sneak peak
"To create a smart office, organizations need well-organized software architecture."

Technology is evolving faster than ever before, requiring innovative processes that can keep up with the current standards of a future-proof office.

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