Real estate optimization for hybrid working

Seemingly in an instant, numerous offices and buildings around the world were emptied. For real estate managers, the immediate switch to hybrid working proved to be an exceptional change in the value of the office. In this whitepaper, we map out the best practices for future-proofing your real estate to drive business growth, enrich the office experience, and cut costs through data-driven decisions.

Hybrid working


Instead of doing the work that moves your company forward, your team might spend hours on end just talking about the work. 30% of workers are on video calls for two to three hours daily. More efficient, productive hybrid meetings are crucial to your organization's overall performance.

What's inside

Main takeaways

Find out the radical changes impacting corporate real estate

Lower costs without reducing space

Use technology to create an ultimate office experience

The importance of sustainability

Sneak peak
"Low occupancy rates and no-shows are huge cost items. If you don't take action, occupancy rates will collapse, and your office may become irrelevant."

There are a few ways you can optimize your office to efficiently manage supply and demand in the workplace while improving employee experiences.

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