Practical steps to efficient hybrid meetings

Hybrid working has caused us to plan more meetings than ever. Here are 13 easy steps to enhance your meetings for in-office and remote employees.

Hybrid working


Instead of doing the work that moves your company forward, your team might spend hours on end just talking about the work. 30% of workers are on video calls for two to three hours daily. More efficient, productive hybrid meetings are crucial to your organization's overall performance.

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Main takeaways

Conducting an in-depth meeting audit

Overcoming the cultural challenges that can impact your meetings

The secret behind a perfect AV system

Building meaningful challenges when working remotely

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"In a hybrid meeting, people aren’t always heard equally. Team members who join in discussions remotely often feel less engaged and connected to their colleagues."

Small changes to your meeting culture can make a big difference. This guide dives into the ways you can ensure that all workers stay connected during hybrid meetings.

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