8 ways smart office technologies boost long term business success

Find out the 8 ways smart office technologies boost long term business success and enable your organization to perform better.

Below is a list of 8 ways that smart office technologies can boast your long term business success and help you win the war for talent. All while increasing employee well-being for your current staff.

1. Improving employee’s well-being

Only 60% of employees globally (Leesman, 2018) agree their workplace enables them to work productively. This means that, on average, only six out of ten people feel productive and autonomous. Future-proof organizations invest in employee well-being to ensure that their workforce feels as autonomous as can be. They know that an increased sense of control increases engagement and productivity levels.

Smart office platforms make it easier for your employees to navigate through the office and find available work spots. Such platforms enable them to find and book the workspace that matches their needs best. Opportunities like this make your employees feel supported and autonomous, resulting in more creativity, better collaborations, and better outcomes.    

2. Winning the war for talent

With high workforce demands and headhunters eager to snap up your top performers, employees leave companies faster than ever. In 2019, the annual separation rates in the United States had increased for the fifth year in a row. Depending on your industry, you should expect that between 16% (Federal Government) and 80% (arts, entertainment, and recreation) of your current workforce will leave your business within the next twelve months.

"It's not an accident that the best places to work are also the places that make the most money."
- Gordon Bethune, former CEO and chairman of Continental Airlines

Having an office that supports talents in their work and makes them feel appreciated and in control is becoming more and more important. Especially since candidates will do online research to discover how well your offices are going to make them feel.

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3. Empowering your HR department

The role of HR leaders has evolved significantly in the past decades. Many businesses utilize the insights and ideas of HR leaders to advance business objectives focused on improving employee well-being and winning the war for talent. With smart office technologies, you give them the tools to do so.

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4. Optimizing operations

If you want your business strategy to be as effective as possible, you have to be able to identify any challenges as quickly as possible. How can you enable your Operation Managers to identify those key issues? The insights that smart office technology can provide them to make it easier than ever. Through real-time insights on how employees use different spaces, you help them to quickly detect what changes could improve employee productivity most.

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5. Elevating innovativeness

Effective change can only be accomplished through the people who work in your organization. At the same time, these people will only contribute to creating change if they feel motivated and inspired to do so. With smart office technologies, you can create an environment that motivates people to not only support change but actively contribute to it. Research shows (MIT, 2017) that employees that have positive experiences in the office, are twice as innovative as employees that don’t.

6. Developing real estate portfolio

The impact of your real estate portfolio on your global business results is enormous. Your real estate decisions have a significant effect on the companies’ global value. With smart office technologies your Corporate Real Estate leaders can effectively reduce the following costs:

  • Building costs (accomplish more with less square meters)
  • Operating costs (less wastage of time and energy)

Find inspiration in the following companies that are making their real estate more effective by using smart office technology:

Find more insights on how smart office technology can help to optimize your portfolio in this article.

7. Being ready for change

COVID-19 has proven to us how important it is to make your business adaptable to change. If similar global shifts occur in the future, you want to make sure your business is ready to effectively coordinate your employees’ return to the office. Smart office technologies like Mapiq’s Office Shifts accomplish exactly that.

8. Discover how smart technology can boost your business

When you think of accomplishing your vision and executing your strategy, smart offices might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, new technologies like sensors, big data, and data analytics enable you to accelerate your progress while creating a competitive advantage in the long run. Our smart office experts are happy to help you discover how smart office technologies can help you accomplish your vision.

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