The Edge Amsterdam

Deloitte is a company where thousands of dedicated professionals from all over the world collaborate to provide a range of professional services. The Edge in Amsterdam, is one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world and was awarded the highest BREEAM score ever recorded. Mapiq supports Deloitte’s employees making effective use of the activity-based work environment in a ground-breaking office building.

Mapiq helps The Edge in Amsterdam be one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.
BREEAM score
40,000 m²
Digitized m²
Realized desk efficiency
1080 desks for 2850 employees
increase in job applications
reduction of sick leaves


The way people work has changed a lot, and so has the workplace. Deloitte is one of the first companies to respond to this trend, by creating a high-tech and self-sufficient office building that enhances activity-based working. The Edge is equipped with multiple meeting rooms, open workspaces, and short-stay desks to support a mobile workforce.

Twice as many employees as the available workplaces work here. For that reason, first, it was necessary to give employees the possibility to easily book a meeting room, check room availability, and have access to occupancy insights. The next challenge was to create a workplace equipped with cutting-edge technology that allowed Deloitte to attract and retain talent.

In order to realize their ambitions, they brought together a team of industry experts and start-ups, including Mapiq, and challenged us all to develop the best office building in the world. In doing so, Deloitte became our pilot customer.

The Edge has 1080 flexible workplaces for a total of 2850 Deloitte Employees.

The Mapiq solution

Together with inspiring partners such as Edge Technologies, Signify, Avex, Axxerion, and Vecos, we, at Mapiq, started a collaborative research and discovered that in order to support an activity-based environment, all available data needed to be collected in a single central platform. Therefore, we implemented Mapiq and connected it to all other building systems, 23.000 sensors, and iBeacons.

This inter-connected system served two main purposes. First, it served as an input source for the Mapiq platform including its interactive 3D map, and second, it enables users to have access to a complete digital office overview.

The flexible workspaces in the Edge can all be booked through the Mapiq app.

Employees can navigate, find available workplaces and colleagues easily. The Mapiq-integrated Deloitte’s room booking system, makes it possible to book meeting rooms and conversation spaces. Also, we integrated AV and smart locker solutions, which allows employees to control these features with the Mapiq app on their smartphone.

All meeting rooms, open workspaces, and short-stay desks are visualized in Mapiq.

“One of the reasons we chose Mapiq was the look and feel of the products. They are very easy-to-use and well-designed.”

Felix van Katwijk
Manager Corporate Real Estate at Deloitte

“One of the reasons we chose Mapiq was the look and feel of the products. They are very easy-to-use and well-designed.”

Felix van Katwijk
Manager Corporate Real Estate at Deloitte

Safe return to the office

The next phase of the project, will provide the facilities team with improved insights about the office usage. Next to that, Deloitte wants to make The Edge a more collaborative work environment.

Together, we will bridge the gap between office and remote work. For that reason, Deloitte started working with Mapiq’s Office Shifts. Employees can easily book shifts upfront, match days at the office with team members, and the facilities team can manage a safe office capacity. Mapiq’s Office Shifts is now used at 16 offices from Deloitte worldwide.

Employees at Deloitte can book shifts in the office upfront.

Our impact

With Deloitte at The Edge, Mapiq has contributed to the evolution of the modern workspace by creating one of the most innovative office buildings in the world. The implementation of Mapiq has resulted in the following key impacts:

  • Effective support to a mobile workforce by providing them with real-time workspace insights.
  • Individual control over AV screens and smart lockers through smartphones and other personal devices.
  • An increase in the number of talented job applicants who would love to work at Deloitte in The Edge.
  • A significantly lower level of sickness absence.
  • An effective and autonomous back to the office tool that ensures employee safety.  
Bas Schellekens
Sales Executive
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