The one tool you need to manage your workplace

Assess space utilization, make better choices, and rid your employees of the hassles of desk booking, meeting rooms finding, or hybrid collaboration. Mapiq is a one-stop shop to provide a convenient and connected working experience.

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Features to turn your office from a mandate into a magnet

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As you start with Mapiq, we make sure everything is ready to give you and your employees a better workday. First, we help you create a fully digitized version of your office that can be monitored and adjusted based on your changing needs.


Mapiq connects and streamlines every aspect of an employee's workday, all through an easy-to-use app. Desk booking, meeting scheduling, coffee chats, and more—everything is powered by data-driven smart suggestions for a more agile workplace experience.


Optimizing your office and your workday is a never-ending process. Mapiq translates the ways employees interact with the office into clear, understandable data. Integrate your facilities, improve sustainability, and reduce costs through a custom analytics dashboard.


Mapiq empowers admins to control every aspect of a building. Easily limit capacity, open or close new areas, monitor office attendance, and more, all with the click of a button.


Get ready to launch Mapiq

Mapiq can be live in your office in under one week. Just a few steps required to create a fully digital version of your building that can be easily managed and optimized.

Mapiq app on desktop

Set capacity

Define who can access your spaces to avoid unwanted visitors and an overcrowded office. Easily designate areas of your office, name meeting rooms, and add useful equipment information.

Build maps

Upload your own floorplan and use our map creator to build an accurate and functional digital layout of your space. Always control this layout and edit it according to your changing goals or architecture.

Mapiq’s Open API

Mapiq’s open API can be synced with your existing smart office tools for a fully integrated workflow. You can even connect your parking, access management, and catering systems through Mapiq.

Add-on: Parking

Easily manage parking

Enhance Mapiq's simple admin portal to manage all parking areas connected to your building. Set up parking lots, control access, and create purpose-specific zones, such as electric charging stations.

From the moment they enter the office, Mapiq’s user-friendly app provides everything employees need for a hassle-free workday.

In-person connection

Mapiq helps you stay connected with your colleagues while managing meetings and initiating spontaneous collaboration sessions with smart suggestions.

Hybrid meetings

By syncing with your work calendar, Mapiq automatically selects hybrid spaces with the equipment and capacity to support in-person and remote attendees.

Desk booking

Eliminate the hassle of searching for a desk or finding a workspace near your colleagues. With Mapiq, you'll always have a spot in the office that suits your needs and allows you to collaborate with your team.

Facilities & parking

With the right integration, Mapiq can be aligned with every aspect of your office, from parking to catering and light control, for a fully functional workday.


A more connected, convenient workday

Mapiq app on mobile
Mapiq app on desktop

Monitor and optimize your organization with data analytics

Mapiq securely collects and organizes your data so that you always understand how your spaces are used and what improvements can be made.

Asset management

If you have multiple offices or real estate holdings, you can easily track their usage, monitor their performance, and make adjustments through a single dashboard.

Community insights

Foster an uplifting, connected, and collaborative work culture by gathering insights on employee behavior patterns to understand how they interact with their facilities.

Hybrid working

Improve your hybrid workspaces by seeing who’s working remotely and who’s in the office. Analyze these trends and give workers the autonomy to work how they like, where they like.

Add-on: Occupancy

Take analytics further with live occupancy data

Understand office occupancy trends over time. Manage live capacity, plan for future hires, enable add-hoc meetings, and ensure a successful and adaptable workplace strategy.


Manage your smart workspaces

It can be challenging to control how your spaces are used while following your own internal strategies. But with Mapiq, easily manage how employees use the office and make agile changes that reflect your organization's goals.

Mapiq app on desktop

Admin portal

Use the admin portal to adjust your spaces, connect teams together, and more easily manage your workspaces to maintain your hybrid working policies.

Impact capacity

Mapiq's fully anonymized data allows you to see which days and areas are most popular in the office. Control how your employees use your spaces and make adjustments if necessary.


Track office usage and oversee your facilities to meet sustainability goals, reduce waste, and decrease energy-related expenses. For instance, close or open spaces based on capacity insights to reduce costs and maintain a green office.

Multiple permissions

Assign an array of admins with different levels of access. Allow leaders to control their own teams, and collaborate with colleagues when making strategic changes.

Streamlining workdays for global organizations

At Mapiq, we believe in connecting people more deeply to their workspaces and to each other. We work with a range of global enterprise organizations to help streamline their workdays and give them the power to manage and improve their facilities.