Enhance your Mapiq experience with

Mapiq's add-ons are designed to supercharge your workplace experience. Upgrade your facilities with more advanced analytics and an all-in one-tool to reduce costs and improve employee experiences.


Add occupancy data to your office analytics

Companies need reliable data to make future-proof decisions: adapt to your office's supply and demand while minimizing costs.

Data-driven spaces

As more employees work from home, organizations are left with empty offices and rising real estate costs. Reduce costs and transform your spaces by identifying which spaces are least used.

Custom meeting rooms

Overbooked rooms? Not enough equipment? Fight the pressures of scarcity with Mapiq. Compare the most and least popular rooms in your office and optimize the workplace to meet everyone’s needs.

Ad-hoc booking

Mapiq's smart suggestions ensure that employees can find the right available meeting room for any meeting on the spot or a free workstation in a quiet area or next to their office buddy.

Strategic improvements

Analytics help you understand office occupancy trends over time and across the globe. Manage capacity, plan for future hires, and ensure a successful and adaptable workplace strategy.

Add parking to your
smart workday

Parking lot management

Mapiq's simple admin portal helps you manage all parking areas connected to your building. Set up parking lots, control access, and create purpose-specific zones, such as electric charging stations.

Employee-centric parking

Create streamlined workdays, starting with parking. Employees can access up-to-date parking lot information across buildings to ensure a great office experience for everyone!

Reduce parking costs

Harness the power of data to create a better workplace. With Mapiq's reliable parking data, you can optimize costs and improve life at the office through centralized building analytics.

Easy customization

With the Mapiq API, easily connect your existing access management system for seamless employee access. Link varying data sources and enjoy fully customized, in-depth analytics.


Inefficient parking is a daily inconvenience. Mapiq combines reservations and analytics in a single parking solution.

Enterprise-level security and privacy

Mapiq is built with the latest cybersecurity technology according to compliance regulations, ensuring your organizational and employee data is fully private and always belongs to you.