Hybrid working tools

Hybrid working tools

Hybrid working tools

From a traditional workplace to a hybrid workplace

A traditional workplace where employees come at 9 and leave at 5 is not productive anymore. In 2021, the hybrid work model will dominate the world of work. As a result, transforming your workplace into a hybrid workplace is a way to secure well-being and productivity. Hybrid workplace benefits are many: from supporting your employees' flexible daily schedules to more efficient space management.

The benefits of a hybrid working strategy

One size doesn't fit all, and that's why letting your employees decide where they want to work can be miraculous for their well-being. Adopting a hybrid way of working can drive efficiency and job satisfaction. Giving your employees the option to either work from a hybrid workplace such as your office or from home is a future-proof strategy with multiple benefits, such as:  

Increased employee well-being

Letting your employees decide which days they can come to the office can significantly boost their sense of autonomy. Employees with higher levels of autonomy in their work tend to feel an elevated sense job satisfaction which can positively affect their well-being. At the same time, allowing your employees to adjust the light and temperature of their working spaces in the office can have a significant positive effect on their mood. At the same time, having the right tools in place to promote collaboration and social interaction in your organization can better team relationships and increase their sense of belonging in your organization. Adding to these perks a shared and well-defined organizational vision that allows employees to be creative while productive can skyrocket well-being.

Curious to learn more about employee well-being and creating the ultimate workplace experience? Download our Mapiq pyramid of well-being.  

A resilient hybrid work culture

Hiring for a cultural fit isn’t enough. Creating an inclusive culture, however, where employees can bring different perspectives, set of values and backgrounds is what defines a hybrid work culture. Having the right smart office technology in place that enables them to book or cancel office shifts, find the most suited place to work and connect with colleagues is an imperative first step for a hybrid work culture.  

Reduced office costs

Managing an office – especially a half occupied office – can be difficult. However, knowing your employee behavioral patterns will help you reduce your office costs on time. For example, if you find out that half of your employees prefer to work from home you can reconsider moving to a smaller office or find ways to bring them back to the office again.

Find the sweet spot between employee well-being and efficiency with hybrid working

Smart office tools to bring your hybrid workplace strategy into life

  • Occupancy insights
    Having your workplace data about how employees actually use the office can significantly advance design changes aiming to improve productivity.  
  • Desk booking
    Letting your employees book or cancel their shifts in the office can facilitate an efficient space management with reduced no-shows and increased room availability.
  • Office capacity calculator
    Determining an efficient office capacity can be subject to your employees preferences and social distancing measures. With smart office technology you can find out in seconds what’s the optimum office capacity at any given day.
  • Office Heatmaps
    Office heatmaps can help your employees determine in seconds the busiest areas within your office and find the best place to work.
  • Meeting room booking
    Find and book a meeting room that matches your activity. Get a real-time overview on meeting room availability and boost ad-hoc gatherings.

Bring your hybrid working model to life with Mapiq's smart office tools

Enable hybrid working with smart office technology

Mapiq's smart office solution enables you to embrace hybrid working, by creating a hybrid workplace for happy, satisfied and productive employees. Our smart office advisors are always happy to answer any type of question you might have. Get in touch with and create a thriving workplace.  

Create your hybrid workplace with Mapiq

Create your hybrid workplace with Mapiq

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