Employee well-being to peak performance

Employee well-being to peak performance

Employee well-being to peak performance

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What is employee well-being?

Employee well-being is being able and willing to contribute to the workplace, both physically and mentally — by feeling well in day-to-day work life. On average, people today spend a third of their lives at the office. That's one reason why employee well-being is more important than ever. The workplace is a home away from home. And yet in a 2018 survey, 40% of employees said that their workplace doesn't allow them to do their best work.

Organizations that offer a healthy work environment unlock the full capabilities of every team member and see improved productivity and employee retention. That’s why innovative companies like Danone and Unilever are investing in smart office technology. And empowering their employees to reach peak performance at work every day.

Employee well-being
Employee well-being can skyrocket your employees productivity

How employee well-being drives growth

Organizations with enthusiastic, motivated employees consistently get better business outcomes — including increased productivity, improved retention, and greater innovation. Let's look at how raising employee well-being can transform your business.

Greater employee motivation

Organizations that invest in smart office technology build a sense of belonging and offer their team greater autonomy — and that, in turn, builds a more enthusiastic and motivated workforce. 60% of employees say that working in environments where they can connect with colleagues helps them be more motivated and productive. Offering greater flexibility and autonomy empowers employees to feel their best and achieve meaningful performance gains.

Increased productivity

Investing in employee health and happiness delivers impressive ROI — in the form of increased productivity and revenue. When company leaders promote employee well-being, 91% of workers say they feel more motivated to do their best at their jobs. And companies with effective employee health programs report 11% higher revenue per employee — and 28% larger shareholder returns.

Improved employee retention

As online professional networks grow in importance and employee roles become more specialized, employees have more choices than ever before. Today, the average position takes 42 days to fill — and it can cost over €4,000 to bring on a new hire.

In today’s competitive labor landscape, your most creative, productive employees are the ones who are most likely to leave you. But by taking steps to promote well-being at work, you can flip the script — and become the kind of workplace they’ll want to stay for the long haul.

Today's toughest challenges require innovative approaches and outside-the-box thinking. And top-performing organizations know that when employees are motivated and engaged, they’re more likely to develop groundbreaking solutions. That's why they invest in smart office technology that helps employees perform at their best.

When investing in employee well-being, organizations notice a decrease in employee turnover and operation cost.

The ROI of investing in employee well-being

You can reap enormous benefits by investing in workplace well-being. Studies have found that improved employee well-being drives tangible business benefits: higher employee productivity, greater engagement at work, fewer absences, and lower long-term health-care costs.

And all those benefits deliver a serious boost to your bottom line. On average, employers get a $3.80 return for every $1 they invest in employee well-being. For businesses that invest in smart office technology, that translates to an average of $3,395 in additional profit per employee.

For every $1 spent on employee-well-being, organizations received $3,80 in return.

How you can boost employee well-being at work

The best way to promote well-being at work is designing your workplace around your employees’ needs. Ensure that every employee can meet foundational needs like air quality, noise level, and lighting. Help employees feel that they're part of a team. And finally, support employees in doing the best work they're capable of.

Meet employees' concrete needs

The first step in workplace well-being is ensuring that employees feel healthy and safe at the office. Every aspect of the office environment should support the well-being of employees. Enable employees to support an optimal workflow by providing natural light, a comfortable temperature, and sounds from natural environments. And provide nutrition options and on-site fitness programs to help your team stay fit and come to work energized each day.

Build a sense of belonging

Being part of a team is critical for employee well-being. When employees feel a sense of belonging, they feel greater commitment and increased motivation — leading to higher retention rates. Social events like company picnics and group volunteering are a great way for company leaders to build a stronger sense of community.

Support employee autonomy

In the workplace, autonomy refers to how much freedom employees have while working — and more autonomy translates into greater satisfaction and higher work performance. By building an environment that offers flexibility and autonomy, organizations can help their people experience increased motivation to do their best work.

When they regularly reach peak performance, your employees report higher motivation and increased job satisfaction. And you see fewer absences and reduced turnover, because the workplace is where your team wants to be.

Tools to boost employee well-being at work

How smart office technology supports employee well-being

Smart office technology lets your team plan their day their way. When you give employees control over their work environment, they’ll feel great and perform at their best. By finding workspaces that are right for them, your team can produce more creative, innovative work and deliver better results.

Easy desk booking

With more than 70% of organizations embracing agile, it's more important than ever to empower your team to flexibly choose workspaces that let them do their best work. With flexible desk booking, employees can easily choose when they want to come to the office, and grab meeting spaces that best fit their needs on a moment's notice.

Real-time building insights

With Mapiq's smart office platform, you get the data you need to help your team work at their best. Building occupancy analytics give you the tools to instantly spot the most popular types of workspaces, so you can ensure you have enough meeting spaces or quiet rooms to meet your team's needs — and eliminate dead zones that never get used.

Find colleagues fast

Employees are more engaged and perform at their best when they can develop ideas together. Mapiq makes it easy for your team to find one another. And with flexible desk booking, it's simple to schedule days at the office when the rest of your team will be there too.

Mockup of Mapiq's map builder for account administrators. Draw maps, add floors, desks and areas to your buildings.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office with real-time attendance.
Two screenshots of Mapiq's hybrid meetings solution for the office showcasing meeting rooms and available equipment.

Key features

Mapiq Desk Booking provides everything an office needs to stay organized and productive. With a range of features designed to increase easy collaboration and boost productivity, you’ll always have what you need for a great day at work.

Office analytics
Mobile app
Book on behalf

Go beyond hybrid meetings

If you’re looking to streamline your organization, increase employee retention, and optimize your office space, then you’ll need more than just a hybrid meetings feature. With the Mapiq desktop and mobile app, you have everything you need to boost collaboration and manage your space while staying one step ahead of workplace trends. And with Mapiq’s data and analytics feature, you can always analyze and improve your workplace.

Empower your workforce with smart office technology

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