4 ways the office can be a growth catalyst for CEOs and COOs

We look at 4 ways the office can be a growth catalyst for CEOs and COOs and the role of workplace technology in achieving this

Your office may cost you almost €10,000 per employee each year, but when it truly empowers your workforce, its ROI becomes very evident. Having a physical space lets you take care of people, bring teams together and boost innovation. And with a little help of the latest technology, you will find that sweet spot between employee well-being and efficiency. Let’s find out how.

The place to be and work together

On average, it costs a European company €9,695 per year to have a full-time employee work in the office. This may seem like a waste due to the revolutionary breakthrough of working from home, but – If you think about return on investment – a great future awaits the office.  

After all, the office is the place for getting together and working with colleagues. Young people in particular see the office as a fundamental place, where they can learn, get guidance and feel like they belong to a team. Finally, extensive working from home has shown that things like building relationships with customers and colleagues, negotiating, and taking crucial decisions can be done much more effectively in the office.

The incredible ROI of employee well-being

An office equipped with workplace technology personalizes the office experience. By giving them freedom of choice and control over their work environment, you can boost their sense of autonomy. This eventually results in greater well-being and even better performance. Employees become more productive, are committed to their job and show less absenteeism. Also, a well-designed office is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent.  

Investing in well-being even yields a return of almost 400 percent, according to an American study. Neglect of well-being and work experience, on the other hand, leads to uncommitted employees with poor productivity, who are ill relatively often and don't stay with the company for long.

4 ways the can be a growth catalyst for CEOs and COOs

1. Attract the best with your office

The working environment is one of the most important factors when looking for a new job. 74 percent of employees say they would not mind giving up part of their salary to have an ideal work environment. Technology, from collaborative tools to the control of light and temperature according to personal preferences, is crucial in creating the perfect workplace.  

Everyone considers technology support important these days, but for digital natives like millennials and Gen-Z's, a tech-intensive office and a digital culture can be real deal-breakers. Therefore, an optimized office is a powerful weapon in the war for talent.

2. Get the best out of people with workplace technology

Autonomous working environments lead to productivity, creativity, and innovation, as long has been known. Deloitte’s building The Edge, the first smart office in the world, shows you exactly why a great workplace experience is essential.

By giving employees the option to reserve suitable workplaces and book shifts with colleagues, you give them control and offer them an optimum office experience. You remove all unnecessary friction. This is how you get the most out of people, promote collaboration, and make your employees happy.

3. Reduce operation costs with data insights

Thanks to user and sensor data, a workplace experience platform gives you insights in how employees use your office. Think about occupancy trends, the most popular workspaces, dead zones or the demand for meeting rooms.

Using these data and insights, makes you understand how to optimize your office. You can reduce square meters, without limiting the workplace experience. You can adapt spaces to employee needs you’ve noticed and devise smarter cost-saving strategies.

Mapiq gives employees full control over their workplace while giving you an in-depth look into your office performance. Sensors and user data, among other things, enable you to monitor all office usage in real-time on your analytics dashboard. This allows you to make data-based decisions about optimizing the office space, without your employees having to compromise on their work experience.

4. Be ready for change through flexibility

During the COVID-19 crisis, agile companies – those that responded quickly to change -held their own better. What did we learn from this? Agility is a key ingredient in all your strategies, including your workplace plans. 87% of executives expect to make changes to their real estate strategy over the next 12 months, meaning that readiness for change is crucial. When the need arises, you can easily adapt and quickly implement new ways of working.  

The new flexible way of working

Support hybrid working with workplace tools

Hybrid working is the new norm, but as a CEO or COO, it is worth bearing in mind that the way people want to apply hybrid working can differ enormously. Therefore, you should personalize the work experience as much as possible.

Nobody knows what the future of work will look like or how hybrid working will work out. But we do know that workplace technology helps you stay agile. It gives a new dimension to collaboration, social interaction, creativity, innovation, and the overall office experience. This represents another step towards the main pillar for growth: a thriving, autonomous workplace.

Mapiq's workplace experience tech

Mapiq is already being used by well-known companies such as Deloitte, Danone, Unilever, and ENGIE. Would you like to know more about how our platform can get the best out of your employees and will enable you to optimize your office space? Our team of workplace experience advisors are happy to help your organization get ready for the future of work.

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