Badge data

What badge data?

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Badge data refers to information collected or stored on identification badges, access cards, or badges used in various contexts. These badges often contain embedded data or information encoded on a magnetic stripe, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip, or other technologies. The data stored on badges is used for identification, access control, and other purposes.

Common badge data examples

·      Employee Badges: In workplaces, employees often use identification badges to access the premises, log in to computer systems, or gain entry to specific areas within a facility. Employee badges may contain data such as the employee's name, photo, employee ID number, and access permissions.

·      Access Cards: Access control systems in buildings use badges or access cards to regulate entry to secure areas. The badge data, in this case, includes information that verifies the user's identity and specifies the areas or resources they are authorized to access.

·      Visitor Badges: Visitors to a facility may be issued temporary badges containing their name, affiliation, and the purpose of their visit. This helps in monitoring and controlling access to the premises.

Benefits of using badge data for workplace analytics

Badge systems are a simple and affordable way to track real-time employee attendance at the office effectively. Most enterprise organizations already implemented the use of identification badges for their offices, making badge data a low-effort yet powerful starting point for understanding workplace attendance. Driving strategic workplace conclusions based on badge data alone is not recommended. For example, combining badge data with data coming from occupancy sensors greatly increases the quality of real-time information about the utilization of your workspaces.

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Average utilization rate

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Workplace analytics
Desk-sharing ratio

The desk-sharing ratio refers to the ratio or relationship between the number of employees and the available desks or workstations within a workspace.

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Employee experience

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